Why I Chose Genetic Testing for Cancer

http://youtu.be/SjGE-3RnYe8 Steph Shephard, a breast cancer survivor, explains her reasons for genetic testing, or cancer risk assessment, for cancer. A young mother, Steph wanted to verify that her family did not have a higher than normal risk for cancer. She also was able to determine whether she might be at risk for a second type of cancer. Watch and share more videos on cancer topis at http://www.canceris.net Stephanie's Transcript: It was important to me because if it was genetic then everybody in my family would obviously have a higher chance of getting it, but my son would also have a higher chance of getting some type of cancer too, and I would have a higher chance of it coming back in another area in my body, which I'm sure I do now but that made it even higher. So it was very important to me just so that the other people in my family could kind of be at ease with it. So once it came back that it was negative they could be like, ok, we're not at that high a risk to get it. That was more important to me than myself, than worrying about it coming back in me. The genetics counselor called me and I actually just talked to her over the phone about it, but I think if it would have come back positive that I would have actually went in and sat down and talked with her about it. She just called me over the phone and said this came back negative, that it's not genetic, and these are your percentages of getting it, the same as everybody else now. And so everyone in your family is at as much risk as everyone else that doesn't have it.