Genetic Testing to Determine Breast Cancer Risk Breast cancer survivor Stephanie Shephard talks about her reasons for undergoing genetic testing for cancer. It was important to her to determine whether her family would have a greater risk, as well as if she was at risk for other cancers. Visit to learn more about genetic risk evaluation for cancer. Some people inherit gene mutations that make them more predisposed to breast cancer, colon cancer and ovarian cancer. Genetic screening for these types of cancers are helpful to determine whether other family members are at risk as well as to help existing cancer patients screen for any secondary types of cancer. Oncology Associates is based in Omaha, NE and specializes in personalized cancer treatment, which includes genetic cancer risk evaluation, medical oncology, hematology, chemotherapy, targeted therapy and diagnostic services. The oncologists at Oncology Associates include: * Stephen Lemon MD * Irina Popa MD * Susan Constantino MD Please visit to learn more Oncology Associates and their approach to personalized cancer treatment.