About Us

CancerIS – A community for cancer survivors, patients, family and friends or caregivers to share their stories, experiences, tips, knowledge or creative works with others.

Why We're Here!

Patients, survivors, physicians, friends, family and caretakers. Cancer touches many of us in different ways. The symptoms and the diagnosis may be common, but our journeys  with cancer are often as unique as our spirit. CancerIS is a place to view and share feelings, medical information, and other cancer related information.

Get Involved!

If you’d like to help build the CancerIS project and community, please email us!


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We’re committed to the cure and making the cancer journey easier by bringing those who have encountered cancer together.  For those who have had it, those who have it or for those who love or care for someone with it, CancerIS a place for finding and sharing.