New Targeted Therapy Lung Cancer Drug Gilotrif ( Afatinib ) Gilotrif (Afatinib) is a new FDA approved cancer treatment for non-small cell lung cancer. Gilotrif targets advanced lung cancer, such as metastatic non-small cell lung cancer that is EGFR positive. Taken as a pill, this new targeted therapy treats people with cancers that have a genetic mutation in a gene called epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR). Stephen Lemon MD, MPH medical oncologist discusses this promising new cancer drug. CancerIS produced this video to help provide useful cancer information to cancer patients. is an online resource to find and share information about cancer. Visit to learn more. With 1.6 million new cancer cases every year, lung cancer is the biggest cancer killer in the world. Lung cancer is not a single disease, as research shows there are various types, with some requiring specific treatments. One variation of lung cancer can be defined by the mutations in EGFR, which is a protein found on the surface of some cells to which epidermal growth factor binds, causing the cells to divide. It is found at abnormally high levels on the surface of many types of cancer cells, which continue to grow and divide. In the United Sates, about 15% of patients with non-small cell lung cancer have mutations to the EGFR.