Men Get Breast Cancer Too – CancerIS Medical Minute Men can be diagnosed with male breast cancer. While the chances for men are much lower compared to women, men need to be aware of male breast cancer and its symptoms. Breast cancer survivor Rick Gough talks about the symptoms and his treatment. Visit to learn more about male breast cancer. Male Breast Cancer Survivor Rick Gough - CancerIS Medical Minute I was showering and I noticed that my left nipple was inverted and I hadn't noticed that before. There was no pain with it, no lumps. I couldn't feel anything associated with it other than it was inverted. One month later By mid-March I'd had an experience with it. There was some drainage that was like a lymph-y type drainage that would come out and would crust around the edge of the nipple. I'd get in the shower and it would wash right off. There was no pain or discomfort with it. One week later And then I noticed about a week after that, around the areola part there was a spot like somebody was taking a sewing needle with the eye end on the inside pushing trying to get out. And so I could feel this and it was real hard pushing when I touched it. No pain again, but tactually it was very strange. The diagnosis And I just happened to have had my dermatological annual check scheduled in mid-March. And so I went to that and the doctor says, how has everything been for the last year. Any changes? And I said yea, this. So he took a look at it and said we're going to do a biopsy of that and see what it is. I'm anticipating it will be skin cancer or something of that nature. When it came back two days later he says good news, bad news. The good news is it's not skin cancer, the bad news is it's invasive ductal carcinoma. Surgery It was the 11th of April he did the surgery and he did a sentinel node biopsy as he did the surgery, found the lymph nodes were involved. And so they did a full mastectomy and they took all the lymph nodes back up under the arm. I needed to do a six session dose of chemotherapy. The first day of chemo It was kind of interesting. The first day in I was scared, anxious about it. Probably didn't sleep well the night before because I didn't know what to expect in the way of side effects. But the office, the staff, was just absolutely great in terms of reassuring me that what you're about to take, we have other medicines so that if you have any bad side effects we can probably totally offset those, if not completely. And they were right, they were able to do that. Chemotherapy side effects I was tired but I was still able to eat and taste food. Then after about the third day food didn't have any taste anymore. As I described to my wife, this is either dirt or sand but I can't tell what it is. That didn't do a lot for our relationship on her cooking because she's always been a marvelous cook. Radiation Radiation was another experience after Dr. Lemon finished with the chemo I started radiation. And we did that for 36 treatments and it was every day, 5 days a week. Radiation side effects It was not a bad experience. I mean yea, I got some skin changes and those kind of things during the radiation, but there's a lot of ointments and creams and things that you can use on your skin which helps minimize the impact of that. Advice from experience You need to check yourself. Check your breasts, check your testicles. Make sure there's nothing strange going on, lumps or bumps or whatever. In the case of a nipple, if it's inverted have somebody check it pretty quickly. Maybe it's nothing but that's one of the common signs of breast cancer is an inversion of the nipple. Don't ignore it just because you're a man. And there's nothing that's going to happen to you that is so terrifying you can't get through it. You'll get through it and it will probably end up being easier than you think it will. If you've got a problem – if you have cancer – you have to get it taken care of, because sooner is better than later. If you think you've got a problem and you ignore it, it's not going to go away. It's only going to get worse. And your odds rapidly diminish if you don't address it quickly. You just want to get it early. Visit CancerIS to find and share cancer information -