How to Grill Healthy: Potatoes Cancer Treatment Centers of America at Western Regional Medical Center's Executive Chef Frank Caputo shares one of his favorite childhood recipes for making potatoes on the grill! Enjoy! Follow CTCA on Twitter - Join us on Facebook - • Yukon gold potatoes • You can serve two portions with one large potato • Cut potatoes at a medium thickness -- with a little more substance they steam together nicely without breaking • Take a piece of foil and brush with extra virgin olive oil to prevent sticking • Place sliced potatoes on top of the foil and brush potatoes with extra virgin olive oil • Add a pinch of salt • Add a handful of chopped green onions on top • Then, fold the foil up around the potatoes like a small purse or package • This package or purse allows the potatoes to steam on the grill since all of the moisture is contained inside. • Place on the grill for about 30 minutes -- you just need to cook it on the bottom side -- and enjoy! Music from - "Free Ride Blues" - Andre Bisson