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http://youtu.be/woaFveRWwEE (Breast Cancer Treatment Alternative Testimonials) @ |Breast Cancer Therapy Option| Avoids Surgery Hyperthermia plus low-dose-radiation SIGN UP FREE! https://healingcancerinthiscentury.com/ Whenever you hear that word, the "C" word, it equates to death. Leslie Parrilla from Venice Beach had dreams of marriage, kids and a thriving career but all of that changed last year when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. http://healingcancerinthiscentury.net/schedule/ Like Parrilla, Angela Robinson was also diagnosed with breast cancer. Both women chose to fight the ticking time bomb inside of them with a procedure called hyperthermia. My primary doctor offered a traditional medical treatment which is to cut poison and burn which is surgery, chemo and radiation. The woman shows what they believed was the less invasive option with few side effects. To them, chemotherapy and radiation were like grenades inside your body indiscriminately wiping out the good cells along with the bad. Hyperthermia is a treatment of cancer using heat. Machines like this deliver heat through ultrasound or microwave directly to the tumor for about an hour. Then the patient undergoes little doze radiation treatments for about 30 minutes, five times a week for about three months. Hyperthermia doubles the effectiveness of radiation. Hyperthermia is approved by the Food and Drug Administration and is being offered at Duke University, UC San Francisco and Saint Louis University. Dr. Bicher says, 80% of his early stage patients have survived at least five years after treatment. But other cancer experts like Oncologist Kristi Funk doubts the effectiveness of hyperthermia. Another successful Breast Cancer Treatment with Hyperthermia combined with Low Dose Radiation at the Valley Cancer Institute, Los Angeles, California. Leslie was offered the conventional surgery followed by radiation and chemo, but she did not want to go through the hard side effects of standard treatments. After doing several alternative cancer treatments not very successfully, she found Hyperthermia. In about 12 weeks she was cancer free with the added bonus of hardly any side effects. Hyperthermia combined with low-dose-radiation in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, West Wood, West Hollywood, Hollywood, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Palos Verdes, Culver City, Brentwood, http://youtu.be/woaFveRWwEE http://www.vci.org/breastcancer.htm --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More useful links (Breast Cancer Option-Cure Alternative) Treatment (Hyperthermia) Holistic Breast Cancer Options Treatment, Hyperthermia is a very effective ... Alternative Breast Cancer Treatment | http://TheBreastSite.com Alternative breast cancer therapy choices include relaxation, meditation, diet therapy, megavitamins and positive imagery. Many breast cancer patients that ... http://www.thebreastsite.com/breast-cancer/treatment-alternative.aspx Breast Cancer Treatment Center - Individualized Care and Support ... She was diagnosed with a malignant, fast-growing breast cancer. Pam declined all conventional treatment and chose an alternative approach ... http://www.shirleys-wellness-cafe.com/breastcancer.htm --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Breast Cancer Alternative Therapy- Breast Cancer Center ... www.everydayhealth.com/breast-cancer/treating/complementary-and... Learn about the latest in alternative treatments for breast cancer. Alternative cancer treatment seems to work best to relieve the therapy side effects. Breast Cancer Alternative Holistic Medicine Jump to Find out the facts about hormone replacement therapy and breast ...‎: The largest breast cancer increase is in women who were ... Women in the US Not Properly ... - The Breast Stays Put: No Chemo ... Breast Cancer Information | New Hope Unlimited www.newhopemedicalcenter.com/breast-cancer-information/ With Breast Cancer Alternative Treatment, Women and Men around the world have renewed Hope in overcoming their Cancers. Thanks to New Hope Medical ... http://youtu.be/mJAK7zuw_0M (Effective Alternative Breast Cancer Treatment Options ... (Effective Alternative Breast Cancer Treatment Options) (Hyperthermia) Holistic Breast Cancer Options Treatment, Hyperthermia is a very effective Breast Cancer ... Breast Cancer Treatments - Alternative Cancer Treatments http://co-creativesynergy.com http://www.alternative-cancer-treatments.com/breast-cancer-treatments.htm alternative cancer treatments, Home Contact Search FAQ cancer treatments ... Below is some cursory information on the traditional treatments of breast cancer. Breast Cancer and how to treat it using alternative therapy http://www.cancure.org/breast_cancer.htm World Without Cancer - our goal. A non-profit organization providing information on alternative/integrative therapies, including referrals, since 1976. http://youtu.be/c4GWX_x8Xfc