Why is cancer hard to treat?

http://youtu.be/f2-9sbqa-7c Watch the video and follow the transcript below to understand more about why cancer is difficult to treat and how oncologists are looking for ways to outsmart it. http://www.cancercenter.com/ctca-difference/precision-cancer-treatment?invsrc=organic_social&utm_budget=corp&utm_channel=social&utm_site=youtube Video Transcript Why is cancer hard to treat? Cancer is smart. It's also adaptable. Cancer cells break the rules healthy cells follow. Cancer cells often hide from the immune system, resist treatments, divide and grow even when there is no room, travel to and colonize in other parts of the body. But researchers are continuing to find new ways to outsmart cancer. With advanced genomic testing, which is designed to help identify the mutations driving the tumor’s behavior and match them to available targeted therapies. Or with immunotherapy, which is designed to help empower the immune system to see through the cancer cells' disguise and help launch an attack. As scientists learn more about how cancer behaves, and why, they continue to look for ways to outsmart the disease. Learn more at http://www.cancercenter.com/ctca-difference/precision-cancer-treatment?invsrc=organic_social&utm_budget=corp&utm_channel=social&utm_site=youtube