Who should be screened for prostate cancer?

http://youtu.be/GjEtvkSRFqA John Davis, M.D., discusses when men should begin prostate cancer screening. MD Anderson recommends men age 50 to 75 discuss screening risks and benefits with your health care provider. A digital rectal exam, along with a prostate-specific antigen (PSA), is recommended every year, if you choose to be screened. MD Anderson doesn’t recommend cancer screening for men age 85 or older Men at increased risk are more likely to get prostate cancer. This doesn’t mean you’ll definitely get cancer. But, you may need to start screening at an earlier age, get additional tests or be tested more often. You’re at increased risk if you have a family history (especially father, brother, son) of prostate cancer, or are African-American. Find out more about prostate screenings https://www.mdanderson.org/prevention-screening/get-screened/prostate-cancer-screening.html