What is Peer Reviewed Research? Protandim Cancer Chemo/Radiotherapy – Dr Joe McCord Oct 2010

http://youtu.be/vR-k3ucVj2o http://8aloha.com Call 808-221-1063 for info/questons. What distinguishes Protandim from other products? Defines Peer Reviewed Published Research and how it separates Protandim Summarizes Dr. Skip Campbell and Dr Dondee Nettles scientific call presentation about using Pubmed.gov, its very powerful ways to see how Protandim's research is listed, how any other products are present (or absent) in their peer reviewed research. Talks about new research regarding using Protandim and that it supports those undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy for cancer. 2. What Protandim is and what is does? It's a Nrf2 Activator, instructing the cell to make more protective, survival-related enzymes. Slide presentation of cell and it mechanisms shows this process and how Protandim fits into this process. Also PowerPoint shows how Protandim "tunes" over 400 genes. Fatty Acid Protein 4 (FABP4) downregulated, related to Metabolic Syndrome Up-regulates AKR1B10 -- promotes cell survival PH 808-221-1063, mikeihara@hotmail.com Official Lifevantage Independent Distributor ORDER: https://www.mylifevantage.com/8aloha/cart