What is pathological complete response (pCR) and why is it important?

http://youtu.be/n3aU-EAgHRg To determine whether a cancer medicine works in clinical trials, scientists typically use measurements called endpoints. In patients with early breast cancer, measuring an improvement in traditional endpoints such as disease-free survival can take many years, so it can take a long time to approve a medicine and get it to patients. This is a problem as almost a third of patients with early breast cancer will go on to develop advanced disease, at which point it becomes incurable. A new endpoint called pathological complete response (pCR) may speed up approval of new medicines for patients with early breast cancer. Dr Andreas Chlistalla, Disease Area Head, Breast & Gynaecologic Malignancies, Global Medical Affairs at Roche explains what pCR is and why it is important. http://www.roche.com/clinical_trials.htm More videos on http://www.youtube.com/user/roche