Understanding more about why quality of life matters

http://youtu.be/cfQnUkxkaMo The film provides explanations on what quality of life really means, how a physician can make a difference to a patient's quality of life and the challenges associated with measuring the impact of treatments on quality of life. Learn about specific examples of what quality of life means for patients with breast cancer and why measuring quality of life is difficult in oncology and for clinical trials. A physician perspective on quality of life, with opinion and comment from Dr Arthur Katz (Medical Oncology Service Coordinator), Sírio Libanês (Hospital Oncology Center, São Paulo, Brazil), Dr Eva Ciruelos (Breast Cancer Unit Coordinator, Medical Oncology Service, Hospital 12 de Octubre, Madrid), and Professor Lesley Fallowfield, (Director, Professor of Psycho-Oncology, Sussex Health Outcomes Research & Education in Cancer, University of Sussex, UK). More videos from Roche on http://www.youtube.com/user/roche