Taylor Swift Parody – Good Blood (Marrow Match Anthem)

http://youtu.be/ZHJbAjvZ5QE PLEASE HELP!!!!!! (FOLLOW THE URL BELOW) Shahonna Grove, an Aplastic Anemia patient and incredible blood cancer advocate featured in this video, needs to come up with funds for a post-transplant 24-hour caregiver. Please help this brave single mother see her 16 year old daughter graduate high school! Here's the WEB ADDRESS OF SHAHONNA'S FUNDRAISER: https://onetoonefunds.crowdsterapp.com/shahonnagrove We made this Bad Blood parody to teach the world about a procedure and organization that saved my life, and to put a human face on deadly blood diseases like Aplastic Anemia, Leukemia, and Lymphoma. I was diagnosed with Severe Aplastic Anemia and PNH on October 23, 2014, and am in the process of making a full recovery. I was extremely lucky that my sister Meghan was a perfect match, but 70% of blood cancer and bone marrow failure patients are not so lucky. That's where Be The Match comes in. They are responsible for connecting transplant patients with the kind and loving souls who've volunteered to be their cure. The Bone Marrow Donor Registry is always in need of donors, and my wife Stephanie and I were looking for a way to help. When I woke her up on our 1st wedding anniversary singing my own transplant-centric words to "Bad Blood," we knew we'd stumbled on something so goofy, we might as well go BIG with it. So we did our best to make our own version of the megahit song/video. It can be a bit tough to imitate the world's biggest pop star, the decade's best young rapper, and our generation's consummate A-List music video director--I mean, we're just a dude and a lady recovering from having our world turned upside down, NBD--but we gave it our best shot. We hope you'll enjoy the video, and we humbly ask that you sign up to be someone's cure by JOINING THE REGISTRY AT BeTheMatch.org/Join WE NEED YOU to spread the word about marrow donation: it only takes a few minutes, it's not scary, and you could one day have the privilege of saying YOU SAVED SOMEONE'S LIFE. Tell your friends and family about the movement with the hashtag #GoodBlood "I would gladly do it again, in a heartbeat" - To hear from a recent donor, check out this Q&A here: https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/1zrhjl/i_donated_bone_marrow_yesterday_ama/ For my own thoughts on life, death, bedbugs, Buddhism, and gangsta rap, check out my BLOG at: www.kevmcdev.com You can also find me on Twitter and Instagram as @CreativSurvivor CREDITS "Good Blood" Song Produced by Matt Bobb Written by & Starring Stephanie & Kevin McDevitt Also starring Aplastic Anemia patients (and siblings): Shahonna Grove, Brendon Rearick, Ken Raimondi, Bethany Courtney, Grace & Andrew & Cora Dalik. Directed by Kevin McDevitt Produced by Adam Bagger Cinematography by Michael Guaspari 1st AC: Tiffany Aug 1st AC: Jim Westrick Steadicam: Quaid Cde Baca Colorist: John St. Laurent Closed-Captioning: Neil McDevitt & dhcc.org Title Card & Promo Image: Nicolaus Waetjen Thank you to Dr. Michael Lill and the entire amazing transplant family at Cedars-Sinai's Cancer Center. Words can't express the level of comfort, strength, and of course medical expertise you guys bring to people. I am so lucky to have found myself in your care. Thank you Matchstick Music! Thank you Brett Weiner, Caila Ball-Dionne, & Max Dionne! Thank you Panavision! Thank you Central City Stages! Thank you, Aplastic Anemia & Myelodysplastic Syndrome International Foundation! Thank you Taylor Swift, Kendrick Lamar, and Joseph Kahn! Thank you, most importantly, to BE THE MATCH! www.BeTheMatch.org/Join