T.J. Sharpe on Beating Cancer Mentally and Emotionally

http://youtu.be/ELh6yYAjbCM Melanoma survivor and patient advocate T.J. Sharpe shares how he copes with anxiety in recurrence of melanoma. He contends that physical, mental and emotional health are important during treatment and medical trials. In order to attain his level of health, he focuses on one day at a time and tries to get through treatment that day. In coping, T.J. explains how family plays a symbiotic role in support. His determination to continue to create memories with his family provides the love and motivation he needs to focus one day at a time and to move forward. Get email alerts | http://www.patientpower.info/alerts Subscribe on YouTube | http://www.youtube.com/patientpower Like on Facebook | http://www.fb.com/patientpower.info Follow on Twitter | http://www.twitter.com/patientpower Follow on Google+ | http://www.google.com/+patientpowerinfo