Surgery vs Radiation Treatment for Prostate Cancer There are different treatment modalities available for prostate cancer patients. Goals and objectives of the treatment need to be outlined very clearly and outcomes must be considered. Dr. David Albala addresses these issues and more in this video. Dr. David Albala was formerly a Duke University Medical Center urologic surgeon, and is now Chief of Urology at Crouse Hospital in Syracuse, NY. **** This information should not be relied upon as a substitute for personal medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Use the information provided on this site solely at your own risk. If you have any concerns about your health, please consult with a physician. LAST WEEK'S VIDEO - Will I Need a Catheter After Prostate Cancer Surgery? SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE EXPERT INFORMATION AND BREAKING PROSTATE CANCER NEWS VISIT FOR TONS OF INFORMATIVE VIDEOS SUGGEST THE NEXT TOPIC FOR OUR PROSTATE CANCER EXPERTS! CONNECT WITH US! Google+: Facebook: Twitter: