Stomach Cancer Treatment At Home - Stomach cancer is common throughout the world and affects all races, it is more common in men than women, and has its peak age range between 40 and 60 years old. Treatment stomach cancer might will depend on the size of the tumor, location and staging of the patient. Other factors taken into consideration before treatment is offered, may include: gender, age, general health condition, etc. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are usually offered as a treatment for stomach cancer. However, depending on certain factors, partial gastrectomy surgery for tumors at the lower part of the stomach, or total gastrectomy surgery for tumors at the upper part of the stomach may be offered as a last option. Read more treatment information on -------------- Searches related to how to treat stomach cancer treatment stomach cancer treat stomach ulcer treat colon cancer treat pancreatic cancer treat liver cancer treat stomach pain treat ovarian cancer treat peptic ulcer