Sarcoma and Reconstructive Microsurgery | Megan’s Story THIS PLACE. THESE PEOPLE. NOT ONLY SAVED MY LEG, BUT THEY SAVED MY LIFE. -Megan, Sarcoma and Reconstructive Microsurgery patient Subscribe to Penn Medicine on YouTube: At 23, Megan Dychala received a devestating diagnosis. She had sarcoma. What this former college soccer player thought was nagging knee pain as a result of old injuries, turned out to be cancer. Before coming to Penn, her doctors told her she needed to have her leg amputated. She wasn't ready to give up her leg without a fight. She came to Penn. There, sarcoma specialist and surgeon, Kristy Weber, MD, removed her tumor. Reconstructive and microsurgery surgeon Stephen Kovach, MD, reconstructed her leg and got her back on her feet. Meet Megan's surgeon and sarcoma specialist, Kristy Weber MD: Meet Megan's reconstructive microsurgeon, Stephen Kovach, MD: Learn more about sarcoma treatment at Penn's Abramson Cancer Center: Watch more videos about cancer and cancer treatment at Penn: