Prostate cancer. Symptoms of prostate diseases recommendations. Would you happen to have any of these symptoms: One in five men will get prostate cancer, and 80 of every hundred suffer a benign adenoma or benign. 80 men in 100 will suffer from a benign prostate adenoma or whose name is benign. Symptoms. Delay or difficulty to urinate having to strain. Dribbling after urination, urinating without force or thin stream, having to urinate several times, as if not satisfied stay more urine, urinating often, urinate several times a night, urgency as urination, loss, urine leakage. If you have one or more of these symptoms and more than 50 years Prostate, enlarged prostate, prostate symptoms, prostate exam, prostate operation, enlarged prostate symptoms, prostate symptoms, prostate symptoms and prevention, prostate anatomy, man's prostate, enlarged prostate, prostate young, prostate function, enlarged prostate, prostate grade two, remedies prostate, prostate treatments