PANCREATIC CANCER – What are the symptoms of pancreatic cancer Know Pancreatic Cancer Sign and Symptoms See full content: Visual Guide to Understanding Symptoms Pancreatic Cancer | Pancreas Cancer: Sign, Stages, Prognosis, Causes, and Treatments What is the pancreas? Where is it? What does it do? What is pancreatic cancer? Symptoms of pancreatic cancer? What happens now? What tests will I have? Who will treat me? What research is being done? Where do I go for support? Cancer Pancreas Pancreatic cancer has gained attention from the diagnoses of several prominent figures, including Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who was diagnosed in 2003 and died Oct. 5, 2011. Jobs had an islet cell neuroendocrine tumor, a rare form of the disease. U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and actor Patrick Swayze have also faced pancreatic cancer. Swayze died in 2009. The lifetime risk of pancreatic cancer is about 1 in 78. What is the Pancreas? The pancreas is a 6-inch-long spongy, tube-shaped organ located in the back of the abdomen, behind the stomach. Pancreatic cancer occurs when malignant (cancerous) cells grow, divide, and spread in the tissues of the pancreas. Symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer The pain may become worse after the person eats or lies down. Other symptoms may include jaundice, nausea, loss of appetite, weight loss, fatigue, weakness, and depression. Causes of Pancreatic Cancer smoking is the main risk factor. Other risks include chronic pancreatitis and cirrhosis of the liver. And family history of pancreatic cancer, high fat diet, obesity, and lack of exercise may also play a part. Diagnosing Pancreatic Cancer To help make the diagnosis (and determine the most appropriate treatment), imaging tests are performed (such as an ultrasound or CT scan) to view pictures of the abdomen and determine the extent of the problem. Treatment: Surgery Treatment: Radiation Therapy Treatment: Chemotherapy Treatment: Palliative Therapy New Anticancer Treatment: Immunotherapy Getting Support Is Prevention Possible? If you smoke, quit now. If your diet is high in fat, work to eat more healthfully. Adopt a regular exercise routine, since exercise can help prevent diabetes and obesity -- two risk factors for the disease. Buy an Individual Health Insurance Plan Link to this video: --- Extra tags: pancreatitis what is pancreatitis where is the pancreas located pancreas location location of pancreas adenocarcinoma what is the pancreas where is the pancreas inflamed pancreas pancreas function pancreatic cancer icd 9 pancrease pancreatitis causes pancreatitis treatment what is the symptoms of pancreatitis pancreatic mass icd 9 code pancreatic pseudocyst