Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms – Why you Should get Routine Checkups and Thoughts on Treatment! Click on the link above for a free guide on choosing and buying dietary supplements for better health. Pancreatic cancer is one of the most lethal forms of cancer someone can get. If you have some stomach pain or diarrhea your probably not going to think it's pancreatic cancer. What is worse is that the symptoms are only really brought after the cancer has spread a lot. Unless you're lucky and you find this disease at a routine checkup in its early stages, the best way to cure it, would be to not get it in the first place. Did you know that smoking tobacco is responsible for 20-30% of pancreatic cancer cases? I used to smoke myself and it's not easy to stop, but just looking at some of the statistics of the harm it causes, can help a person not do this. Just think about these numbers every time you light up. Like I mentioned earlier eating a lot of processed and high sugary foods all can raise the risk as well. The reality is that for thousands of years humans have been eating a certain way. Then very recently we have been changing the way we eat, and obviously our bodies are not used to it and it creates all these problems. According to a study done by the University of East Anglia people whose diet had a large amount of antioxidants were two thirds less likely to get infected with this type of disease, than individuals who rarely consumed antioxidants. This comes as no surprise since antioxidants play a role in defending cells from damage, and a damaged cell is what cancer really is. Besides antioxidants there are a variety of vitamins and nutrients that play a role in the health of cells. If someone is lacking in just one of these nutrients it could bring about all kinds of problems. Sure someone can get there vitamins from food but the truth is that most of the food we do eat doesn't have the vitamins and nutrients like it used to. This is due to many culprits, but the biggest one is soil depletion. Many farmers use chemicals and methods to improve their crops size, growth and resistance to insects, but reduce the vitamins and nutrients in them. Another risk factor of this health problem is having a bad digestive system. Eating healthy definitely helps, but another great idea would be by adding good bacteria. Your digestive system actually has tens of billions of bacteria and they are constantly fighting unhealthy bacteria. If the bad bacteria wins in could bring about all kinds of issues like constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. Something known as probiotics as well as prebiotics helps the healthy bacteria. The difference between the two is that probiotics are man-made, they are found in yogurt and adds healthy bacteria. Prebiotics is found in certain vegetables and helps grow the good bacteria already in a person's digestive system. So you might be wondering which one is better. Prebiotics are actually a whole lot better because it enables the good bacteria to rapidly grow and expand much more than by adding probiotics. Besides what I have already listed maintaining a healthy weight is huge when preventing health problems like this cancer. Apart from eating a good diet it's very important for someone to exercise daily and if you dislike exercising try listening to a good podcast and going for a walk. According to the Cancer Journal health experts believe that obese individuals are 72 percent more likely to be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Another idea that I learned from Dr. OZ a famous TV doctor in the United States would be to take a supplement with curcumin which can help a lot. Before you start to purchase many dietary supplements it's important to realize that these products can sometimes do you more harm than good. The fact is government agencies in many countries don't protect consumers against unhealthy products. Due to this it's easy for companies to make crappy, crummy products that harm people. To protect yourself and your loved ones I highly recommend you view a free report I created on the topic of shopping for dietary supplements. It explains how to distinguish between a good supplement brand and a risky choice. It talks about what dietary supplements someone should take for certain health conditions and much more. The best part is that it's completely free, and you can view this guide by clicking on the link