Oral Cancer Monthly Self Screening

http://youtu.be/DLRTyO-lJPw Monthly examinations can save lives! Please use this tool to examine your mouth for signs of oral cancer, and report anything suspicious to your dental or medical professional immediately. Presented by: Meghan Cammaert, Majeda Eldali and Bienka Rosch Algonquin College Dental Hygiene Class of 2014 More information on Oral Cancer: http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/hl-vs/oral-bucco/disease-maladie/cancer-eng.php www.odha.on.ca/drupal/node/127‎ Steps: 1.Look at yourself in the mirror -- both sides of your face and neck should look the same 2.Look at the skin on your neck and face for any changes in color, moles that have changed, lumps or sores 3.Feel both sides of your neck gently with your fingertips 4.Gently place your finger over your "Adam's Apple" and swallow. It should move up and down, not to the side. 5.If applicable, remove dentures or appliances from your mouth 6.Check the inside of your mouth first by using a flashlight. 7.Check the roof of your mouth for changes in color or lumps. With your index finger, gently press the roof of your mouth to feel for changes. 8.Examine the area under your tongue and feel with your index finger. Remember, you are looking for color changes, swelling and changes in shape. 9.Stick out your tongue and examine all sides -- feel your tongue with your fingers. 10.Look at your gums and assess for color change. Gently run your index finger over your upper and lower gums feeling for lumps, bumps or tenderness 11.Pull your upper lip up and then your lower lip down and check the tissue 12.Gently squeeze your lips as well as your cheeks with your index finger and thumb to feel for lumps, bumps or tenderness