Oral Cancer explained by NYU Oral Medicine Expert

http://youtu.be/B8Q1d3HVtZ8 What is Oral Cancer? RankMyDentist sits down with Dr. Alexander R. Kerr, an Oral Medicine Expert from NYU, to answer some very important questions about Oral Cancer and HPV. 00:12 - About Dr. Kerr 00:55 - What is Oral Cancer 02:39 - Factors that play a role in Oral Cancer 05:23 - How could someone contract HPV 10:18 - How can we make a difference today 11:51 - Have more questions about Oral Cancer Lets all join in and help fund research for this deadly disease. Find the links below ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dr. Ross Kerr Profile: http://RankMyDentist.com/dentists/28056 Oral Cancer Forum: http://RankMyDentist.com/discussionbo... NYU Oral Cancer Center: http://NYUOralCancer.org OralCancerWalkNYC: http://OralCancerWalkNYC.org Oral Cancer Foundation: http://OralCancerFoundation.org Visit http://RankMyDentist.com to find a dentist today!