My Road to Cancer Remission – Prostate Cancer Survivor Story Prostate cancer survivor Ron Bartunek tells his amazing cancer journey from diagnosis to treatment and ultimately to recovery. Visit to read more about Ron's experience with prostate cancer. Ron received his cancer treatment from Oncology Associates and his Omaha oncologist Dr. Stephen Lemon. Learn more about personalized cancer care at ** Prostate cancer survivor Ron's transcript: "That's right, exactly, like going out there and all of a sudden an airplane lands on your head or something outside, you never think that's going to happen to you. I always was healthy in my life, I was always in good shape. I hunted, I fished, I camped, whatever. Rode bikes with my kids when they were little. I'd just never, ever forseen that coming. It went into my bones and my hips and then it went into two tumors on my spine. They wanted to go in there and operate and take them tumors out. I said, “is there a less invasive way to do this?” and he goes, “with radiation.” And they said, “well what's the reasoning here?” and I said “my daughter's getting married next weekend and I'm going to her wedding and I'm not gonna be able to dance for her.” I went through radiation for ten days in two spots, and when I got there I couldn't walk, I had no feelings from the hips down. When they gave me the radiation and they seen that it shrunk the tumors or whatever and I started getting the feelings back, I had to walk with a cane at first, you know, and hold onto things, it was quite the experience. Like I said, Dr. Lemon asked me if I'd kinda like to experiement with this new thing, and I said sure. Why not, I'm here to get better, not to get worse. And ever since that started, and all I do is go once a month, they give me a shot in my arm and one in my hip. And here I am. When I went in the hospital I weighed 112 pounds or something, I'm up to 162, I feel great, I can walk, I have no pains. When you're coming in there with something like I have, you know, you're thinking what are your chances of coming back out of here. They called me-- excuse me. When they called me to dance with my daughter, all these people were in tears. And I turned around and I went, why the tears? This is a good time, my daughter's getting married. I remember my daughter standing there, and she's crying, and my other daughter's crying, my ex-wife, she's standing there, she's crying, and all the other people, and I went, don't. Be happy. Without that, without the consolation of my friends and family and people from work that I used to work with, and especially Dr. Lemon and his staff, they were a godsend. Never give up, to whoever's going to see this, never give up. Keep the hope. Don't ever give up. If there's something you want to do, you can achieve it, I guarantee you. When I wake up in the morning and the sun shines through that window, I'm going “see, I told you, I'm here.” That's all I know. And that's where I'm at."