Lung Cancer My dad in 2004, 5 days before he died. He was on hospice care. He was diagnosed on Father's Day, 2004, with lung cancer. he was a lifetime smoker, but quit in 1992. DR said if he had quit long before (or never started)...he would be here today...My dad was a talented writer and news broadcaster. He was very silly, sometimes eccentric, as you will see...We miss you, Dad... ANYONE that considers smoking...needs to know that the chance of being diagnosed and then dying of lung cancer is a strong possibility. Please, I don't want anyone to go through the fear,frustration, and pain that my dad went through.,.not to mention the family having to WATCH him go through it. We stood by helplessly as he tried to "catch" his breath, couldn't swallow because the radiation made his throat sore, coughed up blood, and later heard the imfamous "death rattle" as he tried to breathe. The waiting was the worst...Please , see video #2 for additional comments. SEMPER FI!