Louisiana Breast and Cervical Health Program

http://youtu.be/pzYvgWiY8co LBCHP, of the LSUHSC Foundation is establishing the New Orleans Breast Cancer Early Detection Clinic, the only such service in the New Orleans area. The Clinic will provide at least 3000 low-income, uninsured women from Metro Orleans with high quality, no cost breast cancer early detection services, including screening mammography, clinical breast exams, and diagnostics each year. With the closing of the Medical Center of Louisiana at New Orleans due to Hurricane Katrina, uninsured women in New Orleans are left with no reliable source of breast cancer early detection services. While they have been able to bring mobile services into the city twice a month through September, 2006 this is far from adequate. They currently have a year long wait list of 850 women for these services. Louisiana has the highest breast cancer mortality rate in the nation. They are ranked 36th in incidence, which shows that women in Louisiana do not have more cancer, they have more deaths from cancer.