Happy Outcomes for Cancer Patients #28 Melanoma

http://youtu.be/8O8dsX7zcyY Happy Outcomes for Cancer Patients #28 These case reports are about actual cancer patients with aggressive cancer who used specific nutrition, detoxification, and pancreatic enzymes to recover and survive much longer than seen in conventional cancer treatment. The cases are from “One Man Alone: An Investigation of Nutrition, Cancer, and William Donald Kelley” by Dr. Nicholas J. Gonzalez. 1987, 2010 New Spring Press. The research was performed under authority of Dr. Robert A. Good, MD, PhD, Director of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Patient #28 was a 42 year old man from Montana with a five year history of recurrent malignant melanoma. In February 1982 he noticed an inflamed, bleeding mole on his back. His family doctor referred him to a local surgeon who removed the skin lesion. The nodule was classified as Clark’s level II malignant melanoma, penetrating 4 mm. deep into the skin. March 1982 Patient #28 admitted to Sidney Memorial Hospital. Liver-spleen scan showed liver mass, not believed to me malignant. Next day had additional surgery to remove larger area around lesion on his back. Pronounced “cured.” Within weeks his health deteriorated. Persistent fatigue, diminished appetite, and rapid weight loss. May 1982 new nodule left axillary region, suspected recurrent melanoma, referred Mayo Clinic. May 1982 Mayo removed lesion and axillary lymph nodes. Nodule and lymph nodes malignant. Told his disease would likely recur again and be fatal. No further treatment. September 1982 new mass left axillary, malignant melanoma. No additional therapy. Symptoms deteriorated, worsened fatigue and anorexia. March 1983 new nodule right forehead. April 1983 discovered Dr. Kelley and began program. Responded quickly to nutrition and detoxification. Fatigue lessened, appetite improved September 1983 forehead nodule regressed completely. April 1986 last routine visit to Mayo. Excellent health with no signs of cancer. Malignant melanoma, when metastatic to regional lymph nodes, usually kills quickly. One study showed median survival of only 20.2 months in patients with three or more positive nodes. Patient #28 had three bouts of melanoma within a seven month period. Left axillary dissection documented metastatic disease in five lymph nodes. Forehead nodule regressed only after began Dr. Kelley’s program. Patient #28 received neither chemotherapy or radiation. Long term survival clearly attributable to Kelley program of nutrition, detoxification, and pancreatic enzymes. If you have cancer: Relying on the cancer treatment industry is risky. They are focused on shrinking tumors, not on restoring health. Conventional Cancer treatment Chemo and radiation cause cancer. Surgery (and biopsies) spread cancer. Consider your responsibilities to yourself and to your family… Are you doing everything possible to restore your health, to survive this diagnosis and live a long, healthy, happy life? To survive and thrive after a cancer diagnosis you must establish these foundations of health and vitality: 1. Optimal Body pH, the acid/alkaline balance. 2. Balance hormones. 3. Detoxify the body, mind, and emotions. 4. Eliminate infections, including subclinical and drug resistant. 5. Rejuvenate depleted organs, glands, and systems. 6. Use the most appropriate and proven cancer fighting nutrition. If you have cancer, Get Help! Call 907-272-6299 Dr. James J. Pizzadili, D.C., M.S., F.I.C.A. HealthPro Alaska, LLC 545 West Fireweed Lane Anchorage, Alaska 99503 www.HealthProAK.com