Faith is Tougher than Breast and Cervical Cancer | CancerIS Surviving both cervical cancer and breast cancer, Faith proves tougher than cancer. Faith talks about her cancer diagnosis surprised her, as well as about her decision not to go through chemotherapy and why she chose to have a bi-lateral mastectomy. Watch other stories or share your story at Here's a transcript of Faith's journey with breast cancer: "It was on a Saturday morning. I got up and I got out of the shower, and I was putting my lotion on, I looked in the mirror. I had seen something, there was a spot on my nipple, and I looked and I thought, “what is that?” I looked down at it, it kind of looked like a little blister or something. I thought, huh? I tried to squeeze it-- don't squeeze it, that really is a tender spot, you don't want to squeeze down there. I looked and it had a black center, the center of it was black, and I thought, “I don't think this is a good thing”. So the next day I went to see the specialist, and they did a biopsy on my nipple, and he said “come back next week, we'll go over your results”. I had just bought a restaurant. I had a towing service, All American Towing, and I had just bought a restaurant, so I was busy trying to run two businesses. I told the doctor, “I really don't have time to come in for the results, can't you just call me and tell me over the phone?” And he was like nope, you have to come in. So I go in there and I'm looking, it's like, my waitress leaves at two o'clock, and it's almost 1:30, so hurry up, hurry up! And they said, “I'm sorry Faith, but it's cancer.” And I punched the doctor, I said, “it is not!” I said, “I just had a mammogram, it's not cancer”, and he said “yes it is,” and I said “no it's not!” He said “yes, it is,” and he handed me the paper, and said “here's the results of your biopsy, you have invasive ductal carcinoma.” I left there and I tried not to cry, because I always say I'm a tow truck driver and I'm strong! But I went out to my car and I started to cry, and I called my friend and told him it's cancer. I cried so hard I couldn't even drive, so I told him to come tow me home. And then my gynecologist called and said “you have cervical cancer too”. She said we need to do a hysterectomy as soon as possible. So six weeks after my double mastectomy I had a complete hyterectomy. The way I look at it, you just gotta be strong. You gotta get up and do what you can do, don't let it keep you down, you know. You gotta be tougher than the cancer. I've always been one to try and do everything on my own, without asking for help, but there comes a point when you need help. Pray to God, God gives you the strength to make it through, and thank God for family and friends. They're there for me." I've been cancer-free for two years. Cancer is tough, but I'm tougher!