Dr. Petrylak Discusses BCG for the Treatment of Patients With Non-Invasive Bladder Cancer

http://youtu.be/vQSKklUPCpw Daniel P. Petrylak, MD, professor of Medicine (Medical Oncology) and of Urology, co-director, Signal Transduction Research Program, Yale Cancer Center, discusses bacillus calmette-guerin (BCG) therapy for the treatment of patients with non-invasive bladder cancer. BCG is a standard treatment for superficial bladder cancer, and it delays progression; and in certain studies, it shows an improvement in overall survival, says Petrylak. Unfortunately, there are not many therapeutic options available once patients fail BCG. The standard treatment is cystectomy, but the main goal for Petrylak and his colleagues is to have patients that are cancer free with their bladder intact.