Cyberknife Treatment for Prostate Cancer at Colorado Cyberknife This is excerpts of me getting Cyberknife treatment for prostate cancer in Feb. of 2011 at Colorado Cyberknife. The Cyberknife can treat low level PC in 5 sessions, but my insurance denied it calling it "experimental" even though they have 5 year data showing it to be highly effective and causing very few side effects and other insurance covering it in different parts of the country. But what my insuror didn't know was that Colorado CK had the worlds only CK VSI machine and that it could do a CK based IMRT protocol which was approved. This meant I had to do 28 sessions with a lower dose of radiation. This was my 17th ride on the table. But I was lucky enough to live 4 miles from CCK! When I began treatment my PSA was 10. At my 6 month bloodtest it was at 2.2. I'm 99% of where I was before treatment with no incontenence or ED problems. I did about 3 weeks of Flomax and was able to get off of that. If you've been diagnosed with Gleason 6 or 7 PC You owe it to yourself to check into Cyberknife treatment.