Chemo Rock – Kicking Cancer to the Curb – A Party Rock Anthem Parody This is a story about kicking cancer to the curb. In this video, the patients and staff of Oncology Associates band together to symbolically get rid of cancer to the beat of “Chemo Rock”, a parody of “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO. Today we have more hope than ever of finding, treating and beating cancer. Learn more about fighting cancer together in the chemo room - visit This video is dedicated to cancer patients everywhere, who take on cancer every day with strength, grace and tenacity. Cancer patients provide hope and inspiration to us all. Visit to learn more about our production. Special thanks to the Following All the Wonderful Cancer Survivors Who Participated Christine Donahue, Carolyn N’dosa, Linda Loder, Kathleen Utterback, Dedra Robb, Ginger Rist, Angela Peaker, Karen Ohlmann, Danny Horton, Renee Johnson, Peggy Sulentic, & Dorothy Hunt The Outstanding Staff, Nurses & Physicians at Oncology Associates - Learn more about them at D. Kevin Williams – for playing “Cancer” Music by Tom Norton Singing by TammyRa Jackson & D. Kevin Williams Dance Moves by Choreographer Jean Lanphier & Assistant Choreography by Callie Pancoe Audio Engineering – Tim Zick at TZMix Studios Producers – Stephen Lemon MD, Geoff Klein Written – Geoff Klein & Mo Fine Directed – Geoff Klein & Mo Fine (cancer survivor) Director of Photography – Mike Boydstun Editing – Mo Fine Lyrics – Mo Fine, Geoff Klein & Stephen Lemon Chemo Rock Lyrics (parody from LMFAO “Party Rock”) Hey! Chemo Rock is in the House Today (whoa!) Everybody just take a chair (yeah!) And we gonna make you lose your hair But Everybody is going to have a good time (let’s go!) Chemo Rock is in the house today Everybody just hold tight (I can fight it baby!) And we gonna help you through your fight We just wanna see you…(Kick that!) Every Day We're Fighting It… Fighting It, Fighting it Fighting It Chemo Rock is in the house today (put your hands up!) Everybody just have a good time (let's get together!) And we gonna fight cancer together (put your hands up!) Everybody leave your cancer be be behind Oh! Oh! (put your hands up!) Oh! Oh! (Time to fight it now!) Oh! Oh! (Put your hands up!) Oh! Oh! (Everybody together!) Every Day I'm Fighting It