Chemo Brain Cancer Treatment Side Effects Chemo brain refers to a mental cloudiness cancer patients may experience as a side effect during and after their chemotherapy treatment. Visit to learn more about the chemo brain and its symptoms. Chemo Brain Side Effects Transcript: "Chemo brain is not fun. But you know what? We went to classes, you know, I wanted to make my husband realize there is such a thing as chemo brain. And there is, it's not just a story, it's there. Patients often ask me about chemo brain. Chemo brain is a side effect of chemotherapy treatment. It is a neurologic side effect, meaning that the chemotherapy damages some part of the nervous system. This can result in cognitive impairment, which is difficulty with concentration and difficulty with memory. Usually it's long-term memory, but can be short-term memory as well. Some studies show that after chemotherapy a person's mental function does decline mildly over time, and some studies have shown no decrease/cognitive impairment from chemotherapy. Some patients complain of chemo brain indefinitely, meaning that it doesn't get better, but other patients say that over time it does get better as the chemotherapy effects wear off. I just forget a lot, you know? Sometimes when I'm reading, I do a lot of reading and research, I'll kind of forget what I just read. Kind of like the comprehension thing. Unfortunately, only relatively few studies have been done on chemo brain. Some have documented that chemotherapy does result in decreased memory and difficulty with concentration, other studies have not shown that effect from chemotherapy. We certainly need more research studies on chemo brain and what do to about it and how to prevent it."