Breast Cancer Was a Familiar Journey When Diane was initially diagnosed with breast cancer it wasn't a shock. Cancer ran in her family. She was more surprised by the hair loss from chemotherapy. Visit to read more about Diane's familiar and not so familiar journey with breast cancer. These cancer survivors and patients stories videos are produced by Dr. Stephen J. Lemon of Oncology Associates to help provide useful cancer information to cancer patients and survivors. Oncology Associates provides a full range of personalized cancer care at two Omaha clinics as well as at cancer treatment clinics throughout Nebraska, including Blair, Holdrege and Norfolk. The cancer physicians of Oncology Associates include: * Stephen J. Lemon, MD * Irina E. Popa, MD * Susan Constantino, MD Please visit to learn more about personalized cancer care. ** Breast Cancer Survivor Diane Shares Her Story ** "It runs in my family, I lost my mother six years ago to breast cancer, so not entirely a shock I guess. I wouldn't have thought so young, you know, that I would have been diagnosed, my mum was almost in her late 70s. The treatments have come a long way in just the short time since my mother has passed away, I see the difference in the treatments and what they know, and so it's doable. It's not the horror stories you used to hear, they do have better drugs and stuff to help with the nausea and all that, and so the big treatments I get every three weeks leave me feeling nauseated and not too great for about a week to 10 days. I still have a period of 10 days before the next treatment rolls around, so it's not so bad. Harder than probably even the diagnosis was losing hair. I hadn't prepared so much, thinking maybe it wouldn't happen, I wouldn't need that. I think it would be a good idea to have a wig or something in place so you would have been more prepared for it, but it's okay. I wore hats until I found something, because I had to go somewhere to find a wig. Take it one day at a time, you can get through it. It's not a death sentence, the treatments have come a long way in just the short time since my mother has passed away. I see the difference in the treatments, and what they know, and so it's doable. Just hang in there."