Breast Cancer and Breast Surgery in Men – Dr. Shawna Willey’s interview with WUSA9 About 1 in 1, 000 men are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. Early detection is key for both women and men, but it also helps with avoiding surgery that could be disfiguring. Matt Sheads, an active patient, shares his experience with breast cancer and breast surgery on WUSA9's Buddy Check with Andrea Roane. "Men do not commonly ask for reconstruction surgery because they are not aware of their options." - Dr. Willey Dr. Willey recommends patients ask surgeons the following questions: 1.) Am I a candidate for nipple sparing surgery? 2.) Has the surgeon ever performed a procedure on a man? 3.) Should I see a plastic surgeon or do something delayed? View Dr. Shawna Willey's profile here: Learn more about breast cancer treatment at MedStar Georgetown here: