Bladder cancer – all about Bladder Cancer Pain,Treatment – Disease 2016 In these two books you can learn how I lost 23 Pounds in just 3 weeks ! easily and healthy : Don't forget to Confirm your Subscription #Bladder Cancer Facts : Bladder cancer is one of the common cancers affecting men and women. The most common symptom is bleeding in the urine (hematuria). Cigarette smoking is the most significant risk factor with smokers three to four times more likely to get the disease than nonsmokers. Bladder cancer can be subdivided into superficial and muscle invasive, with the former having much better treatment outcomes than the latter. The initial treatment for bladder cancer is transurethral resection (TURBT), which removes the tumor from the bladder and provides information regarding stage and grade of the tumor. Low-grade superficial tumors (Ta) are treated with TURBT followed by an optional instillation of a single dose of a chemotherapy medication in the bladder to reduce recurrence rates. These tumors have high recurrence rates but a very low chance of progression to higher stages. Bladder Cancer : High-grade T1 tumors have high chances of recurrence and progression and may need additional treatment in the form on BCG or chemotherapy instillation in the bladder. Patients unresponsive to these may be best treated by radical cystectomy. Radical cystectomy provides the best chances of cure in patients with muscle invasive disease. Cisplatin-based chemotherapy is used in patients with metastatic disease at presentation or those in which bladder cancer cells are present outside the bladder wall or in lymph nodes during radical cystectomy.