Alternative Healing of Skin Cancer, Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Melanoma, Leukemia too. Illinois, Chicago Alternative Healing of Skin Cancer, Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Melanoma, Leukemia too. Healing From Deadly Diseases, Real Healer and Real Results of His Treatment, The path to the miracle of healing Mujin Troi, Chosen By Heavenly Beings Healer, Energy Treatment For Any Diseases Sun Gates Center 395 E. Dundee Rd., Suite 500 Wheeling, IL 60090 tel 847-226-9956 the following story is absolutely true: one woman lived. She was under forty years. comes time to the doctor and he says: "you have cancer, rather the last stage. the tumor is black. you still have some time. " She first depressû fell. didn't know what to do. and then got caught behind the idea a brilliantly the last days. the times were such that for entertainment opportunities were few. so she began a bib. and saw no vodka, But alcohol almost undiluted. kvasit week, kvasit the second, the third. already with all the familiar perečokalas′. comes as something of a hangover to the doctor for delayed inspection. the doctor takes pictures, looking at them carefully .... and swelling of the RESORBED!!! cured it! Are there any known cases of cure cancer? That has made the patient or his relatives or other loving his people? I have a friend perebolevšij leukemia has gone through chemotherapy, half a year a drip all that ... While the disease struck in religion ... about his relatives do not know, I am not familiar with them, and he is very reluctant to speak about the disease, he even burned all the pictures where it shows the illness ... He very strongly once the disease lost weight (sports, rocked, and now resembles a wiry skeleton...). I'm not a psychologist, but it seems he has traumatic stress more and with a head not quite okay ... after Terribly short, God forbid someone is survive... Two cases of cure know personally. The first man, 45 years old. What he had cancer, he did not speak, but doctors (after any chemotherapy and radiation) have put a + (cross). He started jogging (up to fanaticism came-40 or more miles a day) and sat on a vegetarian diet. Developed, in a sort of a skeleton covered with skin. It's been 12 years. Runs so far (admittedly less because, blamed in Israel, and the climate has a long run), not eating meat. The second-year 32. Throat cancer. Cured DRY hunger strike and jogging. True, he had loved to hunger (one day per week and one week per quarter is always hungry, but not dry). Dry hunger strike is when, during fasting almost never drink water. I don't remember how much it was (already passed, too, years 11-12), but in the end the hunger strike, he was several times a day, lost consciousness. With the hunger strike it is necessary cautiously. There's a whole process of joining hunger strike (enemas all sorts, etc) and even more the process is getting out of the hunger strike. If something is not done properly, doctors will be powerless. He then, throughout the year, the 4 "course" of the strike. Then proverilsâ. Said that the doctors were shocked-ALL rassosalos′! See, during the hunger strike, not gobbled up tol′go body fat stores, but cancer cells! In General, cancer is the uncontrolled (and understandable) growing your own body cells. There is a view that can be effective hypnosis and self-hypnosis. In these examples, these two me Chela concentrated FULLY on the fight against cancer. Both retired from (almost every year). As far as I know, not watching television, don't listen to radio, read the newspaper. All thoughts were on the victory over cancer and faith in the efficacy of the chosen path of treatment. The first (a runner) and stayed a bit odd though, who not ... And, not the last role was played by dieting (starvation) and physical activity. By the way, both elected for such ways of treatment, because each of them knew personally, people treated in this way. So, we can assume that I brought not two, but at least four cases of SUCCESSFUL recovery from cancer!