Does Chemotherapy Lower the Risk of a Colorectal Cancer Recurrence? Sometimes tiny tumor cells are left inside a patient after a colorectal cancer surgery. These cells can continue to grow and may lead to a recurrence of the disease. Dr. Christopher Lieu talks about how doctors use chemotherapy to lower the risk of recurrence of colorectal cancer in this video. Doing chemo after surgery can kill these tumor cells before they have a chance to multiply. This increases the chances of high risk patients living a healthy, disease-free life after surgery. Dr. Lieu joined the University of Colorado School of Medicine faculty as an Assistant Professor in July 2011. He trained in internal medicine at the University of Colorado, where he also served as a Chief Medical Resident. He completed his fellowship training in medical oncology at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and served as the Chief Medical Oncology Fellow in 2010. VIEW THE ARTICLE: LAST WEEK'S VIDEO - Overcoming Emotional and Physical Struggles as a 17 Year Old Diagnosed with Colon Cancer: SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE EXPERT INFORMATION AND BREAKING COLON CANCER NEWS VISIT FOR TONS OF INFORMATIVE VIDEOS SUGGEST THE NEXT TOPIC FOR OUR COLON CANCER EXPERTS! CONNECT WITH US! Google+ : Facebook : Twitter :