Chemo Shop (A Thrift Shop Parody) A Thrift Shop parody. Cancer survivors, doctors and staff of Oncology Associates rap about getting through cancer treatment and finding a cure for cancer. Visit We made this video to show that there is a lighter side to cancer, especially in the chemotherapy room, where many cancer patients develop friendships with other patients, sharing jokes, encouragement, stories and anecdotes. CAST AND CREW Cancer Survivors Robert Etzel Vicki Dwyer Christine Kathman Angie Heinold Sherlyn Fitl Mindy VonWeihe Karen Ohlmann Jane Frey Faith Stevenson Lyssa Carnazzo Nurses and Staff Leanne Johnson Debbie Simpkins Thurlby Barb Carlson Gremm Annette Donley Michael Thompson Noah Seaman Elizabeth Martini Mary Kempcke (Cancer Survivor) Mary Sobbing-Helwig Alexx Kendall Katie Schwartz Doctors Stephen Lemon - See Dr. Lemon's Profile Video - Susan Constantino Scooter Riders John Hargiss Mary Thorsteinson Creative Concept - Stephen Lemon Music Dan McCoy Doyle Tipler Pat Miles (rapper) Nick Galdeano (singer) Producers Stephen Lemon Irina Popa Geoff Klein Mo Fine (Cancer Survivor) Written & Directed Geoff Klein & Mo Fine Director of Photography Bill Phillips Editing Mo Fine Lyrics Alexx Kendall, Stephen Lemon, Doyle Tipler, Pat Miles, Nick Galdeano, Geoff Klein & Mo Fine. Refrain I'm gonna cure some cancer got lots of education the nurses are helping we're treating this is super awesome Now I walk into the clinic like whats up I'm the cancer doc I'm so pumped to be here at the treatment shop Eyes on the syringe its so dang long People like "dang, that chemo's strong" Rollin up vroom vroom headed to the chemo room Dressed in all pink except my comfy shoes those are cool Draped in a heated blanket buddy sitting next to me Hey how you doing can't let cancer get to me Popa, Lemon, Constantino Rockin it lovin it about to go and get some coffee Triple tall cappuccino what you know about me Sitting in my office medical journals around me Walk into the lobby nothing but soaps on the tv What you know about rockin a wig on your noggin? What you know about wearing a port all plugged in? I'm living I'm living surviving through Herceptin One person's struggle is another person's strength Hold up wait up time to fill this verse up Has anybody seen my triple tall cappuccino cup? Thank you volunteer for the bone marrow yesterday Because its going to help us save a life today I'm running running running every year at the relay You can find me chilling with the OA Refrain I'm drinking my coffee My hair is incredible I'm in this white lab coat From the med shop down the road I'm taking my chemo I look incredible I'm sporting this sweet wig From the beauty shop down the road I wear these sexy scrubs I feel incredible My hair is natural From the barber down the road We just killed some cells (nasty) Got plenty of good ones left We just killed some cancer This is super awesome Lights out cancer!