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Making Every Day Count

DeDra brings a 'just do it' attitude to her journey with stage4 #metastaticbreastcancer as she goes through her #cancer treatment she maintains a full life.



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Living with Metastatic Breast Cancer and Thriving

Diagnosed with stage4 #metastaticbreastcancer DeDra Robb brings a 'just do it' attitude to her daily life, as she leads a full life going through her #cancer treatmenr.
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FIrst Video
Introducing the NCI RAS Program

http://youtu.be/wDhdJXJUDYo NCI Director Harold Varmus, M.D., and RAS National Program Advisor Frank McCormick, Ph.D., explain the rationale for and the discussions that led to the formation of the RAS Program. For more information, visit www.cancer.gov/RAS.
Research Advocacy 101: Introduction

http://youtu.be/gHYS0BMesPM Research advocates at NCI help advance the progress of cancer research and improve patient outcomes. Watch this introduction to the NCI Office of Advocacy Relations (OAR). OAR connects advocates of all cancer types and ages with research programs at NCI. To learn how to [...]

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Research Advocacy 101: Research Advocates Improve Cancer Care at NCI

http://youtu.be/5SUPqVnfndg Research advocates at NCI help find new and better ways to prevent, detect, and treat cancer. This video shows how research advocates at NCI play an important role in the progress being made to fight cancer. Advocates share the collective patient perspective, build publi [...]

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Research Advocacy 101: How to Become a Research Advocate at NCI

http://youtu.be/axqPdNFd1lc Contact OAR if you are interested in becoming an NCI research advocate. This video provides contact information for OAR and information about what research advocates do at NCI.
Research Advocacy 101: How Advocates Benefit Cancer Research at NCI

http://youtu.be/LWJx0gYFYYw Research advocates at NCI bring the patient experience and perspective to cancer research. This video describes the different ways patient advocates benefit research. Some patient advocates help with fundraising or shaping policy, while others support patients through ed [...]

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Research Advocacy 101: History of Advocacy

http://youtu.be/Tcyy6go6McE Today, patients play important roles in cancer research at NCI. The history of patient advocacy has its roots in the social movements of the 1960s and 1970s. Watch this video to learn how patient advocates advanced the care and treatment of HIV/AIDS and how that helped s [...]

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Research Advocacy 101: Roles of Research Advocates at NCI

http://youtu.be/vX-0r8d3msk Research advocates are involved in research at NCI in four main ways: advise, design, review, or disseminate. This video describes how advocates advance research at NCI. Advocates can participate in advisory boards or panels, help develop new or enhance existing programs [...]

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Research Advocacy 101: Research Advocates at NCI: Partners in the Fight Against Cancer

http://youtu.be/weelZpNJmd0 Many of the breakthroughs in cancer care could not have been possible without the partnership of research advocates at NCI. Hear from NCI researchers and staff about their appreciation of the research advocates’ efforts and how advocates help improve cancer care. To le [...]

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Research Advocacy 101: Human Faces of Cancer at NCI

http://youtu.be/E5drI2V9VGc Research advocates at NCI represent the cancer patient’s experience and perspective. Learn how advocates at NCI serve as the human faces of cancer to researchers and lead to new and better treatments for cancer. Advocates also communicate patient concerns and work to i [...]

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Research Advocacy 101: Purpose of Research Advocacy

http://youtu.be/iWrzceTaXOE This video describes the purpose of the NCI OAR research advocacy program. You will learn the history of patient advocacy, why research advocacy is important, and how research advocates engage with cancer research at NCI. To learn how to get involved with research advoca [...]

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About NCI: Targeting Teens at the National Science Festival

http://youtu.be/VLklHrcQ6u0 An approximately 2:30 minute video loop to play throughout the National Science Festival to showcase who NCI is and what kind of work is done by the NCI. This video is being directed at teens and tweens and includes contact information.
NCI Director Discusses the Provocative Questions Project

http://youtu.be/9s96MvlQwgk NCI Director Harold Varmus, M.D., discusses the Provocative Questions Project and urges researchers to tackle the "perplexing" questions in cancer research. For more information, visit http://provocativequestions.nci.nih.gov
NCI Partnership Opportunities: Teaming to Bring Better Cancer Tools to Market

http://youtu.be/ABfvbH0YKN4 Researchers at the Center for Cancer Research (CCR), part of the National Cancer Institute, integrate basic and clinical research discoveries into better strategies to detect cancer earlier, diagnose it more precisely, and treat it more intelligently. Our inventions incl [...]

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Insights from Genome-Wide Association Studies and the Steps Beyond (highlights)

http://youtu.be/dQ-IlSUq0EQ Dr. Stephen Chanock, M.D., Chief of the Laboratory of Translational Genomics in the Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics, discusses insights from cancer genome-wide association studies and the steps beyond. Explore the genomic approaches used in identifying and c [...]

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Siddhartha Mukherjee: Constructing a History of Cancer

http://youtu.be/JsBOrUOqOVU Cancer physician and researcher Siddhartha Mukherjee presents an overview of his Pulitzer Prize-winning book "The Emperor of All Maladies" to staff at the National Institutes of Health. (These are highlights; for the full lecture, go to http://videocast.nih.gov/summary.a [...]

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Teaming Up to Fight Cancer

http://youtu.be/VdT72zByYpk Dr. Carole Parent, Senior Investigator of CCR's Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Biology discusses the 2010 signing of the Graduate Partnership Program in Cancer Technology. This agreement allows Dr. Parent and other NCI researchers to collaborate with University of [...]

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Stress-Mediated Effects on Cancer Biology: An NCI Investment in Research

http://youtu.be/pGPczPrpPB4 The National Cancer Institute (NCI) funds and conducts basic behavioral and social sciences research within the Division of Cancer Control and Population Science's Behavioral Research Program. The NCI Behavioral Research Program is committed to building the capacity of r [...]

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The Cancer Genome Atlas: The Genetic Basis of Cancer

http://youtu.be/mVTPySEjFWw This video is one in a series of videos from The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) project, explaining TCGA's approach to determining the important genomic changes that lead to cancer. TCGA researchers, Drs. Richard Gibbs, Peter Laird, Stacey Gabriel and Neil Hayes, talk about [...]

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Neuro-Oncology Branch, Brain Tumor Clinic

http://youtu.be/VyKns0LhduY This video introduces the Neuro-Oncology Branch (NOB), a trans-institutional program of the National Cancer Institute and the National Institutes of Neurological Disorder and Stroke of the NIH. The NOB constitutes a team of dedicated medical professionals and scientists [...]

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Using Vaccines to Tackle HIV

http://youtu.be/6tnX5iE4iTc Dr. Genoveffa Franchini, Senior Investigator in the Vaccine Branch at the National Cancer Institute's (NCI) Center for Cancer Research (CCR), discusses the Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) between NCI and the pharmaceutical company, Sanofi Pasteur. [...]

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TARGETing Neuroblastoma: ARRA Funds Supporting Childhood Cancer Research

http://youtu.be/MZYdiVIqO-o This video shows how the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (Recovery Act) funds are accelerating research to develop better treatment strategies for cancer patients. The goal of genomic research is to identify the genetic changes that occur in specific cancers and d [...]

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Grid-Enabled Measures (GEM) Database: A Community Site for Researchers

http://youtu.be/k_X-O23TuKM Grid-Enabled Measures (GEM) is a dynamic web-based database built upon the caBIG® platform (for more information see https://cabig.nci.nih.gov/). GEM contains behavioral and social science measures organized by theoretical constructs. GEM is designed to enable researche [...]

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In Their Own Words: NCI Experts Discuss Synthetic Biology

http://youtu.be/V3pC_M5rfHk Drs. Daniel Gallahan and Jerry Li of NCI's Division of Cancer Biology talk about the emerging field of synthetic biology. They explain how scientists are using techniques in chemistry, bioengineering, and biology to synthesize new and redesigned biological components to [...]

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In Their Own Words: Dr. Raju Kucherlapati

http://youtu.be/nDk4yhBRIqI Dr. Raju Kucherlapati, the Paul C. Cabot Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School, speaks about cancer genetics and genomics, specifically the Cancer Genome Atlas project and the tools that personalized medicine may provide to detect, treat, and prevent cancer. [...]

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In Their Own Words: Carol Fabian, M.D.

http://youtu.be/xTq8y5RaphA Dr. Carol Fabian of the University of Kansas Medical Center discusses her role in developing the fine-needle aspiration technique and preventive breast cancer therapies. **This video contains graphic medical images. Viewer discretion is advised** http://www.cancer. [...]

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In Their Own Words: Dr. Sholom Wacholder

http://youtu.be/jtLFDNWRHTI Dr. Sholom Wacholder, a biostatistician in NCIs Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics, discusses his role on a human papillomavirus vaccine clinical trial. http://www.cancer.gov/ncicancerbulletin/060110/page7?cid=YTncigov
In Their Own Words: Pier Paolo Pandolfi

http://youtu.be/mXZUY33rQQo Dr. Pier Paolo Pandolfi discusses his involvement in identifying the primary gene that causes acute promyelocytic leukemia, and his continued work on the disease using mouse models—research that has led to improved survival for patients with the disease. http://www [...]

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In Their Own Words: Josh Sommer

http://youtu.be/jHNjlwfIr1M Josh Sommer, co-founder and executive director of the Chordoma Foundation, talks about the challenges facing researchers who study rare cancers. Since being diagnosed at age 18 with chordoma, Sommer has worked to address some of these challenges. The video accompanies a [...]

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Moving Forward: The Critical Importance of High-Quality Biospecimens in Cancer Research

http://youtu.be/5E6tzG2pck0 Hear what important cancer community stakeholders from the patient, oncology, research and drug development communities have to say about the critical importance of high-quality biospecimens and biorepositories for cancer research and patient care. Learn more about th [...]

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National Cancer Institute: Video Journey Into Nanotechnology

http://youtu.be/jC8CUIID2HA Nanotechnology allows researchers to study cancer in its earliest stages of progression, enabling early detection and development of novel therapies to target the disease. Take a Video Journey Into Nanotechnology at NCI to see how this field of science is changing the w [...]

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Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs)

http://youtu.be/xNl3jml656c In this demonstration of the CTC-Chip, circulating tumor cells (fluorescent labeled, shown in white) mixed with blood (not labeled) are captured on nano-scale posts as they flow through the chip. The chip is the size of a microscope slide with 78,000 posts, which are coa [...]

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In Their Own Words - Dr. Jun Wei

http://youtu.be/xKj8QRTx_3w Dr. Jun Wei, Staff Scientist, Oncogenomics Section Pediatric Oncology Branch, NCI's Center for Cancer Research, describes his work using genetic research to predict disease outcomes in children with neuroblastoma, a form of cancer that occurs most often in infants under [...]

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In Their Own Words: Dr. Marcia Cruz-Correa

http://youtu.be/Ra3bdx8cPN8 Dr. Marcia Cruz-Correa, Director, Gastrointestinal Oncology Program, University of Puerto Rico Comprehensive Cancer Center, explains the promise of epigenetics: To better understand genetic mutations that predispose people to cancer so that steps can be taken to modify c [...]

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In Their Own Words: NCI Cancer Prevention Expert Discusses Personalized Nutrition

http://youtu.be/5gkjjyVlL6M In His Own Words - Dr. John A. Milner Dr. John A. Milner, chief of the Nutritional Science Research Group in the National Cancer Institute's Division of Cancer Prevention, talks about nutrition and cancer prevention. Dr. Milner discusses the role of an emerging area [...]

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Bench to Bedside -Dr. Frank Maldarelli

http://youtu.be/5v0eYB85ssQ National Cancer Institute's Dr. Frank Maldarelli talks about his Bench to Bedside funded award. For more information on the Bench to Bedside program, visit www.cc.nih.gov/ccc/btb
Molecular Epidemiology in HPV and Cervical Cancer - Mark Schiffman & Julia Gage, NIH Scientists

http://youtu.be/lhQRUAEngVk Read their story: http://irp.nih.gov/our-research/research-in-action/taking-the-long-view Mark Schiffman, M.D., M.P.H., and Julia Gage, Ph.D., M.P.H., use the tools of molecular epidemiology to predict and prevent cervical cancer at the National Institutes of Health (NI [...]

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Dr. Norman Coleman, National Cancer Institute, Discusses Radiation

http://youtu.be/VcpUqavT8Bc At a March 25 Town Hall meeting at the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo, the National Cancer Institute's Dr. Norman Coleman discussed issues concerning radiation and health issues.
Highlights: Cancer Epidemiology over the Last Half-Century and Thoughts on the Future

http://youtu.be/xFGxLTaO0WM In May 2012, NCI's Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics (DCEG) welcomed David Schottenfeld, M.D. as a Visiting Scholar. Dr. Schottenfeld is the John G. Searle Professor Emeritus of Epidemiology at the University of Michigan School of Public Health and Professor E [...]

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NCI Center for Global Health Inaugural Meeting: Setting Priorities for Global Cancer Research

http://youtu.be/-OSZXkpOR1I In March 2012 the National Cancer Institute's Center for Global Health held its inaugural meeting. The meeting provided an opportunity to introduce the new Center and its role in global cancer research. Meeting attendees reviewed NCI's current global health research port [...]

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NCI's Center for Global Health

http://youtu.be/eyKQhVaNPGE NCI's Center for Global Health (CGH) Director, Dr. Ted Trimble, discusses how the center supports NCI's goal to advance global cancer research, build expertise, and leverage resources across nations to address the worldwide challenges of cancer. CGH facilitates researc [...]

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NCI Community Cancer Centers Program (NCCCP)

http://youtu.be/AG1TCZKP_58 NCI Community Cancer Centers Program (NCCCP; http://ncccp.cancer.gov ) brings the latest, evidence-based care and cutting-edge research to rural, small-town, suburban, and underserved inner-city communities. The program brings leading-edge research and multidisciplinary [...]

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The National Cancer Institute's NCCCP: "Better Cancer Care, Close to Home."

http://youtu.be/p_Hzdx1rRkY The National Cancer Institute Community Cancer Centers Program (NCCCP) extends the reach of NCI research into more U.S. states, cities, and towns, including rural areas and inner cities. Learn more about the NCCCP at http://ncccp.cancer.gov For Copyright Notice and [...]

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HIDDEN: NCI-Designated Cancer Centers: Partners in Advancing Research

http://youtu.be/x9Jm9cwIJu4 This video was hidden after an error at 0:22 was discovered. On YT, the video's audio cut out at this point and on Cgov, it stopped playing at this point. The NCI-designated cancer centers deliver cutting-edge cancer treatments to patients in communities across the Unit [...]

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New Frontiers in Physical Sciences and Oncology: Welcome and keynote address

http://youtu.be/UxcLAYVOZm0 The National Cancer Institute (NCI) Office of Physical Sciences-Oncology hosted a symposium, New Frontiers in Physical Sciences and Oncology, to share research at the intersection of the physical and life sciences and how this convergence is impacting cancer research. Th [...]

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New Frontiers in Physical Sciences and Oncology: Advancing Technologies

http://youtu.be/tnkY-cqFtt8 The National Cancer Institute (NCI) Office of Physical Sciences-Oncology hosted a symposium, New Frontiers in Physical Sciences and Oncology, to share research at the intersection of the physical and life sciences and how this convergence is impacting cancer research. Th [...]

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New Frontiers in Physical Sciences and Oncology: Information Theory in Time and Space

http://youtu.be/B0JbWi3W7As The National Cancer Institute (NCI) Office of Physical Sciences-Oncology hosted a symposium, New Frontiers in Physical Sciences and Oncology, to share research at the intersection of the physical and life sciences and how this convergence is impacting cancer research. Th [...]

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The Future of Cancer Screening: Public Health Approaches

http://youtu.be/5hsdb6xVZVc Cancer is the second-leading cause of death among Americans and takes a toll on communities across the United States. One of the effective ways to reduce our nation's burden from cancer is to ensure that high quality screening services are available and accessible to all [...]

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Chromosome translocations in a living cell

http://youtu.be/6em58o2gN-Q For the first time, scientists have directly observed events that lead to formation of a chromosome abnormality that is often found in cancer cells. The results of this study--from senior author Tom Mistelli, Ph.D., lead author Vassilis Roukos, Ph.D., and colleagues at t [...]

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National Cancer Institute Academic or Public Research Research & Hope Award Awardee 2013

http://youtu.be/MMP30es2-Pg Dr. Douglas R. Lowy and Dr. John T. Schiller are receiving the 2013 Research & Hope Award for Academic or Public Research for the integral role they have played in the development of the human papillomavirus vaccine against cervical cancer, performing fundamental researc [...]

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5 Healthy Food Substitutes for This Holiday Season -- CTCA Medical Minute

http://youtu.be/C4gLabFrSts http://www.cancercenter.com/ Making a few adjustments to your recipes this holiday season not only provides a healthier alternative but may also help with cancer prevention. Director of Nutrition and Culinary Services at CTCA Tulsa, Kalli Castille, MS RD LD, shares 5 he [...]

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Patient Café 2016: How Are Romantic Relationships Impacted by CLL?

http://youtu.be/dr-AP5C71pk How does cancer impact romantic relationship? CLL patient advocate Carol Preston hosts this Patient Café, as Jennifer and Susan describe how their lives with CLL affected their marriages. Learn their thoughts on emotional support and its vital role in enduring cancer. [...]

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Taylor Swift Parody - Good Blood (Marrow Match Anthem)

http://youtu.be/ZHJbAjvZ5QE PLEASE HELP!!!!!! (FOLLOW THE URL BELOW) Shahonna Grove, an Aplastic Anemia patient and incredible blood cancer advocate featured in this video, needs to come up with funds for a post-transplant 24-hour caregiver. Please help this brave single mother see her 16 year old [...]

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Empliciti (Elotuzumab) A New Immunotherapy Cancer Treatment for Multiple Myeloma

http://youtu.be/4TwUveSjkAY Empliciti (Elotuzumab) is a promising new FDA approved immunotherapy treatment for multiple myeloma cancer, which is a blood cancer that occurs within the plasma cells. In this video, oncologist Dr. Stephen Lemon describes how this cancer drug works and what types of sid [...]

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October 2016 CLL Patient Café: Meet the Participants

http://youtu.be/0thxmAv4Uz4 How does your CLL diagnosis impact your relationships? Patient Power host Carol Preston introduces four CLL patients in our Patient Café. Meet Susan, a three-time cancer survivor; Jennifer, also a three-time cancer survivor who sees CLL as a gift; and John, an actor and [...]

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ASH 2015 Coverage: The Meaning of a Second-Generation BTK Inhibitor for Patients

http://youtu.be/MbOIOd9fAHo Watch patient advocate Carol Preston, on location at the 2015 American Society of Hematology (ASH) conference, discusses the new molecule, ACP-196, a second-generation BTK inhibitor, with CLL expert Dr. Kathryn Kolibaba. Dr. Kolibaba describes this new molecule’s funct [...]

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Recommendation for Diet During Watch and Wait

http://youtu.be/QWelMhIf_Tg Are there any dietary suggestions or restrictions for patients in watch and wait? Patient Power founder, Andrew Schorr, asks CLL expert, Dr. Nicole Lamanna of Columbia University Medical Center to explain diet recommendations during this phase of CLL. Dr. Lamanna is quic [...]

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Helping cancer self destruct | Stand Up To Cancer

http://youtu.be/Q0pEXEpKLCs The money you raise for Stand Up To Cancer funds clinical trials and projects that are finding new ways to take on cancer. To find out more about our research, visit https://www.standuptocancer.org.uk/our-work
Fashion Funds the Cure: Charlotte, NC

http://youtu.be/PYPMhzpnEoE Fashion Funds the Cure is a celebration of incomparable strength and courage as girls and boys battling cancer make their debut on the runway. Modeling more than the latest Dillard’s fashions, these models showcase their inner and outer beauty. For 13 years, Fashion Fu [...]

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HPV by the numbers

http://youtu.be/tylq6xdE0Fo The average person’s lifetime risk of contracting the human papillomavirus is at least 80%. But some of those HPV cases can become cancer. Cervical cancer, throat cancer, anal cancer and penile cancer are all linked to HPV. The HPV is an important part of cancer preven [...]

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Who should be screened for prostate cancer?

http://youtu.be/GjEtvkSRFqA John Davis, M.D., discusses when men should begin prostate cancer screening. MD Anderson recommends men age 50 to 75 discuss screening risks and benefits with your health care provider. A digital rectal exam, along with a prostate-specific antigen (PSA), is recommended e [...]

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Dealing With Negative Messages on the Internet

http://youtu.be/3om26FjPfI8 Do negative messages you read on the Internet affect you? Do they make you more fearful of your diagnosis? Andrew Schorr, Patient Power founder and host, leads an online discussion with other CLL patients and care partners, to learn ways of coping with potentially negati [...]

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The Power of the Virtual Connection

http://youtu.be/PC66rQVme9o Why should patients join an online discussion group? Andrew Schorr, Patient Power founder and host, wraps up this Patient Café discussion with participants, Lisa, Len and Stella, and Patrick. The participants found and continues to find pleasure, comfort, insight and va [...]

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Multidisciplinary care focuses on individual patient care and treatment

http://youtu.be/MO5U6J2tOUc MD Anderson Cancer Center’s multidisciplinary care created a revolution in cancer care and cancer treatment. It was a change that set the stage for the future of medical oncology treatment, and a way of working that puts the patient at the center of everything we do. [...]

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Thomas's moment | Stand Up To Cancer

http://youtu.be/ziVifznV12I 1 in 2 people in the UK will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Watch This Is England star Thomas Turgoose recall the moment he lost his mum, Sharon, to cancer. Act now and Stand Up To Cancer: https://www.standuptocancer.org.uk
Stephen's moment | Stand Up To Cancer

http://youtu.be/PjFJidqSwew Actor Stephen Mangan lost both his parents to cancer. Watch his story as he remembers the most difficult and most cherished moments he shared with his mum and dad. Learn more: https://www.standuptocancer.org.uk
Pancreatic carcinoma - causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment & pathology

http://youtu.be/Ghr0YTcTeSc What is pancreatic carcinoma? Pancreatic carcinoma refers to cancerous cells forming in the pancreas. Most often cancer forms in the exocrine pancreas, particularly in the ductal epithelial cells, which case it's referred to as pancreatic adenocarcinoma. Subscribe - http [...]

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Confronting Cancer: MD Anderson supports the HPV vaccine

http://youtu.be/L3bNC80d0oA Description: MD Anderson supports the HPV vaccine for the prevention of several types of cancer. Learn more at http://MakingCancerHistory.com/HPV
Cancer survivor Kara Million on the importance of HPV vaccinations

http://youtu.be/nlN8ylVF4Og Cancer survivor Kara Million was diagnosed with cervical cancer, which was caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) infection. She is now an advocate for the HPV vaccine. Watch as she shares her story and urges everyone to protect their children with the HPV vaccine. [...]

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Carpool Karaoke - Music and the Cancer Journey

http://youtu.be/xROpjTyDEr4 Stage4 breast cancer survivor DeDra Robb chose to sing "My Church" by Maren Morris for this carpool karaoke ride along with oncologist Dr. Stephen Lemon. As a mother of three children, DeDra emphasizes the importance of living a normal life, while going through her treat [...]

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Thank you BT | Mark Francis | Stand Up To Cancer

http://youtu.be/Re8MFbbD5SM Made In Chelsea's Mark Francis visits Wembley Stadium to say thanks to our lead sponsor, BT!
Breast Cancer Survivor Parody of - I Will Survive

http://youtu.be/knmDDtzpGx4 My friend, Kira, was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and has undergone chemo and surgery. In fact, she was still recovering from surgery when she performed this song at a Greater Harmony Chorus retreat talent show. She is wearing a wig because her hair is still g [...]

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Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Parody Summer Nights

http://youtu.be/gy1mQ2S2PHs Promotimh MSAb walk in Kansas City, MO October 22, 2016
She Didn't Ask For Cancer

http://youtu.be/t_RoVP9TG0g Song parody of Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire" titled "She Didn't Ask for Cancer." Coping with cancer with creative writing. Every lyric in the song has been a real event we have experienced, a procedure done, or a drug taken.
Parody of Justin Timberlake's Can't Stop The Feeling - Must Beat This Cancer

http://youtu.be/ixDMcwiq8zI This Parody Video of Justin Timberlake's "Can't Stop The Feeling" called "Must Beat This Cancer" is geared towards helping rally everyone together in the FIGHT against Childhood Cancer. Help Mascots For A Cure positively impact more kids and families affected by this [...]

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Www BTS Wrestling Breast Cancer Event Ppv Parody Night

Feel Anything? (a Breast Cancer Awareness parody of "Say Anything") - CHECK 15 - February 2016

http://youtu.be/T7JZelXyobg Here at CHECK 15, our goal is to create a Monthly Cancer Awareness Day. On the 15th day of every month, we'll be hitting the internet with a reminder to break down barriers around the cancer conversation (with a healthy dose of humor). Just because Valentine's Day has pa [...]

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Ribbons - An Irish Dance tribute to all who are affected by cancer

http://youtu.be/tF0-psQOncQ Choreography by Miss Kariann of RHID Performed May 2015 by the Hershey Novice and Adult Class
Paint the Rink Pink 2016 Cancer Tribute video

http://youtu.be/EHcbpcwsE1g We pay tribute to those who lost their battle and those still fighting on Paint the Rink Pink Night 2016.
2016 Cancer Tribute Video

http://youtu.be/gRWWgRnCGII Our annual tribute to friends and family members who have battled cancer. Credit given to all musical artists at the end of the video.