Build a Support Team

Resources That Can Help After a cancer diagnosis, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. You have to learn a whole new language, the language of cancer. Additionally, depending on your treatment plan, you may need help with many different tasks. Just communicating with your friends and family can feel [...]

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Family Communication Programs

Communication can suffer when families are faced with cancer. We offer facilitated conversations to help couples, parents, and extended families address their concerns. Find out more:  http://cancerlifeline.org/services/family-services/    
Experiential Classes

Enjoy healthy activities and learn new skills with a variety of classes. Artistic Expression, Exercise & Movement, Nutrition, Stress Reduction & Relaxation and also Presentations & Special Events. Learn More:  http://cancerlifeline.org/classes/
Financial Assistance for Cancer Patients

Cancer Lifeline staff works to help cancer patients stay in treatment by providing resources to help meet basic needs or access medical care, including medications, health insurance, co-pays or transportation to treatment.   Learn More:  http://cancerlifeline.org/services/financial-as [...]

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Support Groups

Cancer Lifeline’s Support Groups work to meet the following needs of patients, survivors, caregivers, family members and friends: To provide a place where emotions can be expressed and not judged To foster a sense of community and inclusion with others experiencing similar challenges [...]

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"I am a Warrior" - A Komen Puget Sound Grantee Story

http://youtu.be/e-EBLv6_khY In this short video was produced by a member of Cancer Lifeline, a Komen Puget Sound Grantee organization. Story narrator, Bobbi Meins, tells us about her friend, Terrie, who has metastatic breast cancer. Bobbie shares how Terrie impacted Bobbi's commitment to increasin [...]

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Why I lived happily despite being afflicted with cancer | Saidus Khaled Sumon | TEDxUIU

http://youtu.be/HO8zR927deM This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Despite being diagnosed with cancer and several diseases, Saidus Khaled Sumon never quit music. According to him no matter how tough life is, if you try to live with a positive appr [...]

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Engineering micro-RNA to cure skin cancer | Larry Zhang | TEDxMileHigh

http://youtu.be/be03wd-5Klc This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Can we use micro-RNA to engineer a cure for skin cancer? In this inspiring talk, Larry Zhang shows how he created a new method to inhibit cancer cell growth in squamous cell carcino [...]

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Cancer Is a Laughing Matter | Karen Mills | TEDxChattanooga

http://youtu.be/ZGJMSPXuCFU Karen’s annual trip to the gynecologist started as an ordinary day. There was no reason to suspect that her checkup would be anything other than routine. Being a comedian, Karen had always looked for the humor in life and encouraged others to do the same; attitude, she [...]

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My 3 Cents on Cancer: Jack Andraka at TEDxSanJoseCAWomen

http://youtu.be/n9yuAhusVts Jack is a fifteen year old freshman in high school. He developed a paper sensor that could detect pancreatic, ovarian and lung cancer in five minutes for as little as 3 cents. He conducted his research at John Hopkins University. This research could change the face of ca [...]

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The immortal cells of Henrietta Lacks - Robin Bulleri

http://youtu.be/22lGbAVWhro View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/the-immortal-cells-of-henrietta-lacks-robin-bulleri Imagine something small enough to float on a particle of dust that holds the keys to understanding cancer, virology, and genetics. Luckily for us, such a thing exists in the [...]

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Art - From Cancer to Canvas | Kartikey Sharma | TEDxGLIMChennai

http://youtu.be/3WXXP7T_Ap0 How does it feel to fight cancer? Twice? With Art? Kartikey Sharma, a renowned graffiti artist inspires us. He talks about how he decided to face the bull by the horns and used art as a therapy during his chemotherapy days. Little did he know that the doodles, he made wh [...]

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TED Talk: Lung Cancer

http://youtu.be/vZnp0PITF3o AP Lang Final Project Chris Dimitriou Nolan Bashore
TED Talk - Ananda Shankar Jayant fights cancer with dance - 2009

Manisha Koirala’s TED Talks on surviving cancer is inspiring!

http://youtu.be/zO2Gr_eHIDA Actress Manisha Koirala who is making a comeback with ‘Dear Maya’ recently poured her heart about her battle with cancer during the TED Talks in Jaipur. She said, “Initially, it started with a bad film like when I signed a bad film. I had developed an unhealthy li [...]

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Triumph over breast cancer: Devika Bhojwani at TEDxPune

http://youtu.be/435hqpnZZPU After surviving a horrific bout with cancer, Ms. Bhojwani set up a foundation called the Women's Cancer Initiative in partnership with the Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai ten years ago. The aim was to create awareness about the importance of getting regular checkups by [...]

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Why curing cancer is so hard | Azra Raza | TEDxNewYork

http://youtu.be/07rgtBzN4Qo This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED conferences. Cancer research relies heavily on testing drugs in mice, yet it’s clear that for effective treatment, we need to be testing in humans. In an informative talk, oncologist Azra Raza [...]

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How our generation will cure cancer | Neeraj Lal | TEDxBrum

http://youtu.be/C_iQcw4fZ9k In the past, finding a cure for cancer has been used as a metaphor for something impossible. Yet a previously niche area of cancer research is now producing revolutionary results in patients. Neeraj Lal, clinical research fellow at the Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy [...]

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Who's at risk for colon cancer? - Amit H. Sachdev and Frank G. Gress

http://youtu.be/H5zin8jKeT0 Check out our Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/teded View full lesson: https://ed.ted.com/lessons/who-s-at-risk-for-colon-cancer-amit-h-sachdev-and-frank-g-gress Colon cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer and cancer death in the world. It is also one of t [...]

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For A World Without Cancer: Jack Andraka at TEDxOrangeCoast

http://youtu.be/r55a0FapF2M Solutions to complex problems can be simple says Jack Andraka Jack Andraka is a 15-year-old Maryland high school student who has invented an inexpensive and sensitive dipstick-like sensor for the rapid and early detection of pancreatic, ovarian, and lung cancers. He rec [...]

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How cancer gave me purpose | Jessica Weller | TEDxSquareMile

http://youtu.be/wx7M9YOFloA This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Jessica had only just arrived in the UK from New Zealand when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. In a deeply emotional talk, she describes her life-changing experience, the chall [...]

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Life lessons from 34 years of fighting cancer | Tyler Jacks | TEDxCambridge

http://youtu.be/TCr5T0E-C34 This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Just like in life, there are no turn-by-turn directions when it comes to cancer research. Tyler Jacks shares the lessons he’s learned, and what they mean for all of us. Dr. Tyler [...]

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The Mechanics of Cancer | Timo Betz | TEDxMünster

http://youtu.be/JktLhD2sf7k Timo Betz researches at the interface of physics and biology. His approach is asking simple questions, like for example how cancer cells move around in the body yet delivering groundbreaking insight in this rather new field of research. Timo Betz is a physicist who has [...]

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Anxiety: A Cancer of the Mind | Aneysha Bhat | TEDxUIUC

http://youtu.be/85QY_d-8J2M The stereotype about anxiety has led to its definition being synonymous with fragility, weakness, and failure. Mental health is a misunderstood field, and the common misconceptions about it result in the development of stigma. In this talk, Aneysha Bhat explores the pre [...]

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Inventing a Low-Cost Test for Cancer at Age 15: Jack Andraka at TEDxMidAtlantic 2012

http://youtu.be/VehHPwAVL9g Jack Andraka is a fifteen year old freshman at North County High School and lives in Crownsville, Maryland. He recently developed a novel paper sensor that could detect pancreatic, ovarian, and lung cancer in 5 minutes for as little as 3 cents. He conducted this research [...]

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Surviving the cancer cure | Scott Hamilton | TEDxKC

http://youtu.be/Nzg4fMJI6jk Olympic gold medalist, cancer survivor and patient advocate Scott Hamilton makes a compelling case for a safer and more effective cancer treatment many insurance companies don’t want you to know about. The most recognized male figure skating star in the world, Scott H [...]

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Cancer and Men -- Natural Medicine and How it Fits In: Geo Espinosa at TEDxCapeMay 2013

http://youtu.be/Lyb2vlf_seQ Dr. Geo Espinosa shows how men can thrive after cancer through CaPLESS living. Dr. Geo is a recognized naturopathic doctor known for his expertise in integrative management for urological conditions and prostate cancer. He is the director of the Integrative Urology Cente [...]

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The immune system vs. cancer | Jedd Wolchok | TEDxTimesSquare

http://youtu.be/YFsPokpur5A This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. When you hear of a leader changing the way millions of people look at a problem. Especially a problem like cancer, then you know they are pushing boundaries. As Chief of Melanoma a [...]

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4 lessons I learned while battling cancer | Sara Khatib | TEDxLAU

http://youtu.be/wcMnmCH6Gjg This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. On August 23, 2014, Sara Khatib left 4 objects, symbolizing 4 lessons, in our shared time capsule. These were the lessons she wished to share with the world. Little did we know th [...]

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Nanotechnology in Cancer Research | Jessica Winter | TEDxColumbus

http://youtu.be/IU4A4h1ACJs Dr. Jessica Winter is a nanotechnology cancer researcher who one day found herself to be a patient. Dr. Winter discusses her research in the Chemical and Biomedical Engineering departments at the Ohio State University, her initial diagnosis, what it's like to be on the o [...]

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What the sugar coating on your cells is trying to tell you | Carolyn Bertozzi

http://youtu.be/BPeFy4iyzn0 Your cells are coated with sugars that store information and speak a secret language. What are they trying to tell us? Your blood type, for one -- and, potentially, that you have cancer. Chemical biologist Carolyn Bertozzi researches how sugars on cancerous cells interac [...]

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中 - Cancer Prevention with Anti-Angiogenesis (William Li TED Talk)

A simple new blood test that can catch cancer early | Jimmy Lin

http://youtu.be/nO69Njad-ec Jimmy Lin is developing technologies to catch cancer months to years before current methods. He shares a breakthrough technique that looks for small signals of cancer's presence via a simple blood test, detecting the recurrence of some forms of the disease 100 days earli [...]

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How Cancer Can Make You Do the Impossible | Aron Andersson | TEDxUmeå

http://youtu.be/5XMVBHR9lgA I’m a four time cancer survivor. To cope with the suffering I learnt mental strategies that I benefit from today as a professional adventurer. In my talk I will share my strategies and how they have helped me to accomplish the “impossible”, despite being in a wheel [...]

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The Future of Early Cancer Detection? | Jorge Soto | TED Talks

http://youtu.be/dm4fvbrMLPw Along with a crew of technologists and scientists, Jorge Soto is developing a simple, noninvasive, open-source test that looks for early signs of multiple forms of cancer. Onstage at TEDGlobal 2014, he demonstrates a working prototype of the mobile platform for the first [...]

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Shattering cancer with resonant frequencies: Anthony Holland at TEDxSkidmoreCollege

http://youtu.be/1w0_kazbb_U Anthony Holland: Associate Professor, Director of Music Technology, Skidmore College. DMA, MM, MM, BM; President: Novobiotronics Inc. [a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable and educational company]. Discovered the ability of Oscillating Pulsed Electric Fields (OPEF) to destro [...]

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Jay Bradner: Open-source cancer research

http://youtu.be/wOiKRVH0nQ8 http://www.ted.com How does cancer know it's cancer? At Jay Bradner's lab, they found a molecule that might hold the answer, JQ1 -- and instead of patenting JQ1, they published their findings and mailed samples to 40 other labs to work on. An inspiring look at the open- [...]

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Why cancer made me hate lasagna | Betsy Nilan | TEDxHartford

http://youtu.be/YkNhI3XKfKM Growing up knowing your mom is going to die of breast cancer. How a self check up can discover something , which can give you more years with your loved ones....and lasagna everyday. Betsy Nilan graduated from the University of Virginia in 2013 with her Bachelor’s deg [...]

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What is leukemia? - Danilo Allegra and Dania Puggioni

http://youtu.be/Z3B-AaqjyjE View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/what-is-leukemia-danilo-allegra-and-dania-puggioni Stem cells found in the bone marrow are crucial for our health because they are needed to become new blood cells that sustain and protect our bodies. But when the transformati [...]

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The Answer to Cancer Lies in the Past | Lincoln Nadauld | TEDxBYU

http://youtu.be/aO3O9rfUMT4 One in three people will be diagnosed with cancer—for some, cure will be an option; for others, cure will not. Why are outcomes so disparate? What treatment achieves greater success for patients? Lincoln Nadauld, MD, PhD, takes the audience on a journey through the [...]

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Killing Cancer With Viruses: Patrick Lee at TEDxHalifax

http://youtu.be/nsoP4SPi2jY In 2009, Dr. Patrick Lee made a breakthrough finding about the human reovirus, a naturally occurring virus that can attack cancer stem cells while not destroying other cells. Dr. Lee is also researching the protein "p53" and its ability to suppress tumors. Understanding [...]

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Starving cancer: Dominic D'Agostino at TEDxTampaBay

http://youtu.be/3fM9o72ykww Dr. D'Agostino is an Assistant Professor at the University of South Florida College Of Medicine, Molecular Pharmacology & Physiology where he develops and tests metabolic therapies, including alternative energy substrates and ketogenic agents for neurological disorders, [...]

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How does cancer spread through the body? - Ivan Seah Yu Jun

http://youtu.be/OcigJn8UJNQ View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/how-does-cancer-spread-through-the-body-ivan-seah-yu-jun Cancer usually begins with one tumor in a specific area of the body. But if the tumor is not removed, cancer has the ability to spread to nearby organs as well as places [...]

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The cancer that died of laughter | Eyal Eltawil | TEDxTelAvivUniversity

http://youtu.be/-82DsjuXOpA At the age of 31 Eyal woke up with severe gut pains that were diagnosed as terminal cancer.At that moment Eyal made two life changing decisions: to film his battle against cancer, and to make sure he laughs at every experience he goes through in hell. Eyal Eltawil is an [...]

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Debra Jarvis: Yes, I survived cancer. But that doesn't define me

http://youtu.be/4n8qT0vQbWk Debra Jarvis had worked as a hospital chaplain for nearly 30 years when she was diagnosed with cancer. And she learned quite a bit as a patient. In a witty, daring talk, she explains how the identity of “cancer survivor” can feel static. She asks us all to claim our [...]

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Immune to Cancer | Michael Jensen | TEDxStMarksSchool

http://youtu.be/3kiDfLS0UXQ What if the future of cancer treatment lies not with stronger drugs and larger doses of radiation that kill cells indiscriminately, but instead harnesses the power of our immune system to destroy cancer cells in our own body? Dr. Michael Jensen shares details of an FDA [...]

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Why is it so hard to cure cancer? - Kyuson Yun

http://youtu.be/h2rR77VsF5c Download a free audiobook and support TED-Ed's nonprofit mission: http://adbl.co/2gauxND Check out Siddhartha Mukherjee's "The Emperor of All Maladies": https://shop.ed.ted.com/collections/ted-ed-book-recommendations/products/the-emperor-of-all-maladies-a-biography-of- [...]

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TEDxConejo - Dr. Glenn Begley - The Complex Biology of Cancer (or Why Haven't We Cured It Yet?)

http://youtu.be/TpALjMJEb50 Dr. Glenn Begley is Vice President and Global Head of Hematology and Oncology Research at Amgen The author of more than 200 scholarly papers and the recipient of numerous awards, Dr. Begley is one of the world's leading researchers in the study of Hematopoietic growth fa [...]

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We can start winning the war against cancer | Adam de la Zerda

http://youtu.be/1S9RVl1d-l4 Learn about the latest advances in the war against cancer from Stanford researcher Adam de la Zerda, who's working on some cutting-edge techniques of his own. Using a remarkable imaging technology that illuminates cancer-seeking gold particles injected into the body, de [...]

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How Nature Has Already Beat Cancer | Carlo Maley | TEDxASU

http://youtu.be/BQV5F2tlIZE Did you know that elephants get much less cancer than humans, despite being 100-times larger? Often times, solutions to the toughest questions in medicine can be found in nature. Dr. Carlo Maley, an evolutionary and cancer biologist, discusses how nature has already beat [...]

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Dying to be me! Anita Moorjani at TEDxBayArea

http://youtu.be/rhcJNJbRJ6U Doctors had given Anita Moorjani just hours to live when she arrived at the hospital in a coma on the morning of February 2nd, 2006. Unable to move as a result of the cancer that had ravaged her body for almost four years, Anita entered another dimension, where she exper [...]

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How do cancer cells behave differently from healthy ones? - George Zaidan

http://youtu.be/BmFEoCFDi-w View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/how-do-cancer-cells-behave-differently-from-healthy-ones-george-zaidan How do cancer cells grow? How does chemotherapy fight cancer (and cause negative side effects)? The answers lie in cell division. George Zaidan explains ho [...]

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Starving cancer away | Sophia Lunt | TEDxMSU

http://youtu.be/f6rSuJ2YheQ Just like our healthy cells, malignant cancer cells need energy to survive. Dr. Sophia Lunt explains how she intends to cut off cancer cells' survival potential, and pioneer a new way of halting their growth. Dr. Sophia Lunt began her training in metabolism at Princeton [...]

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A new superweapon in the fight against cancer | Paula Hammond

http://youtu.be/1N39Z0ODeME Cancer is a very clever, adaptable disease. To defeat it, says medical researcher and educator Paula Hammond, we need a new and powerful mode of attack. With her colleagues at MIT, Hammond engineered a nanoparticle one-hundredth the size of a human hair that can treat th [...]

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The Cancer Story you Haven’t Heard | Michaela Higgins | TEDxUCD

http://youtu.be/7POkIJfbMyU Speaking after her TEDxUCD 2016 talk Professor Michaela Higgins said, “We are seeing an exponential increase in cancer cases in the developing world as we improve the control of infant mortality rates and infectious diseases. 70% of all cancer deaths are occurring in A [...]

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My survival story -- what I learned from having cancer | Martin Inderbitzin | TEDxZurich

http://youtu.be/M5QBH3wDrQY This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Martin Inderbitzin was 32 years old, with a fresh PhD degree, a new job and about to start a new life when he was suddenly diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He had to go through [...]

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Can we eat to starve cancer? - William Li

http://youtu.be/OjkzfeJz66o View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/can-we-eat-to-starve-cancer-william-li William Li presents a new way to think about treating cancer and other diseases: anti-angiogenesis, preventing the growth of blood vessels that feed a tumor. The crucial first (and best) [...]

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Bandage Ball - April 21

Join us for a spectacular black-tie evening, filled with raffles, silent and live auction, dining, dancing and much more! Saturday, April 21, 2018 https://www.overlakehospital.org/ways-to-give/events/bandage-ball
Diagnosed with Synovial Sarcoma, Rare Cancer at 22

http://youtu.be/Vx18dfH4Brs Explaining how my cancer came about
Sarcoma Cancer – Natural Causes and Sarcoma Symptoms for this Cancer Related Disease

http://youtu.be/9gCGLPWzpFo Sarcoma cancer has some natural sarcoma symptoms for this cancer related disease. It is able to consequently have an impact on a very massive variety of tissues and additives within the body throughout a huge type of age agencies, from elderly to the younger children. Kn [...]

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Proteogenomics Research: On the Frontier of Precision Medicine

http://youtu.be/7qpKPiOZrks Genomics is the study of the complete set DNA in an organism (called the genome). Analyzing the genome of a patient’s cancer can reveal information about how to best detect, diagnose, and treat the cancer. Proteomics is the comprehensive study of the complete set of [...]

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How to Treat and Cure Bladder Cancer

http://youtu.be/EbDG5m03OuA This Video Has How to Treat and Cure Bladder Cancer
Bladder Cancer- What Every Man Needs To Know

http://youtu.be/Fc4J_kLgZk4 After almost ignoring a burning sensation in his pee, bladder cancer survivor, Ed Robinson's annual medical saved him. He found out he had cancer of the bladder and after successfully treating it, he is now an ambassador for Bladder Cancer Canada, where he tries to rais [...]

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Bladder Cancer Treatment

http://youtu.be/8lOfi4UFbbI Treatments for Bladder Cancer.
Treatment options for stage 4 bladder cancer

http://youtu.be/6M71BIPRG6g Treatment options for stage 4 bladder cancer Overview The main goal of treatment for any metastatic cancer is to slow down the cancer’s growth and progression. Often, this will reduce symptoms and prolong life. There are relatively few treatment...
Radiotherapy treatment for bladder cancer

http://youtu.be/D5Jf9LXPL8o A short video of the complete procedure for radiotherapy to treat bladder cancer. This is myself receiving the treatment 25th January 2018 at Worcester Oncology Department UK. The treatment is split into 20 sessions over 4 weeks, this is number 5 for me. i asked for pe [...]

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Is Your Bladder Pain a UTI or Bladder Cancer | Healthy happy life

http://youtu.be/09ltirmk58k Is Your Bladder Pain a UTI or Bladder Cancer A urinary tract infection, also known as cystitis, is very common in women—but bladder pain in men can also occur. Men who are at greater risk for bladder infections generally have enlarged prostates, kidney stones, abnormal [...]

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http://youtu.be/Qe3y04hYKOk The effectiveness of BCG treatment for bladder cancer is highly impressive, especially in the initial stages and it also prevents recurrence after surgery. The side effects of using this treatment are minimal and short term. Continue reading to know more about this. Trea [...]

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Men Breast Cancer Self Exam Tutorial

http://youtu.be/y8ssvNLGsR4 Example of how to do a male breast cancer self examination.
Cancer Survivor Breeze Dahlberg

Baseball pitcher Collin McHugh on cancer screening exams

http://youtu.be/wwbl6EQZAHs Professional baseball player Collin McHugh discusses the importance of regular screening exams to help detect cancer and pre-cancerous growths early, when they are easiest to treat. Request an appointment at MD Anderson by calling 1-877-632-6789 or online at: https://my [...]

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Kristi Harrington, MD Breast Surgeon

Understanding Prognosis: For Doctors, a Patient-Centered Approach

http://youtu.be/2cCi3iNm2C0 Anthony L. Back, M.D., coaches other oncologists about how to discuss prognosis with their patients. Communication, he says, is part of providing good care: "Talking to patients and their families about prognosis is complicated. But done well, these conversations promote [...]

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Understanding Prognosis: Diving out of the Dark

http://youtu.be/lfw9eaGXghs Andrew Taylor wants details about the likely outcome of his treatment for advanced non-Hodgkin lymphoma and has learned to ask until he gets the information he's looking for. Questions about whether your cancer can be cured, what your odds of recovery may be, and cancer [...]

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Understanding Prognosis: One Couple's Creative Response

http://youtu.be/kB32m_2TxFM Vanessa Jensen, an artist, and her husband Roy discover how to support each other's need for different kinds of information about the likely outcome of her advanced colorectal cancer. Questions about whether your cancer can be cured, what your odds of recovery may be, an [...]

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Understanding Prognosis: From Anger to Acceptance

http://youtu.be/2cotq6okQpc Barbara Siemion's attitude since her diagnosis with pancreatic cancer? No doctor is going to tell her how long she has to live. Questions about whether your cancer can be cured, what your odds of recovery may be, and cancer survival statistics are all questions about you [...]

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Understanding Your Cancer Prognosis

http://youtu.be/_0YvVNjWNWI If you've been diagnosed with cancer it's natural to wonder, "What are my chances of recovery? Can I be cured? What is the likely course of my disease?" If your cancer is advanced, you may ask, "How long do I have to live?" These are all questions about your cancer progn [...]

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DIY Cards for Someone Going Through a Hard Time with The Sorry Girls

http://youtu.be/Qan0dGDAOr8 Subscribe to Rethink Breast Cancer: https://youtube.com/rethinkbreastcancer1 The Sorry Girls channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheSorryGirls Sign up to the newsletter! http://bit.ly/joinrethink Visit Rethink Breast Cancer! http://rethinkbreastcancer.com Follow Ret [...]

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7 ways to help prevent flu germs from spreading

http://youtu.be/qKYjj4VTksI Flu germs can be easily passed from one person to another without even realizing it. So, whether you have the flu or have potentially been exposed to it, you’ll want to take preventive measures to help prevent the spread of flu germs. This is especially important for t [...]

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Last Chemo Day for Worku

Thumbs up for Worku Mulat who finished his last #chemo day today for Acute Promyelocytic #Leukemia (APL)! Joining the celebration are oncologist Dr. Stephen Lemon & some of the #oncology staff. Congrats to you, Worku! And keep up the great work! #LastChemoDay at Overlake Medical Center and Clini [...]

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Living and Thriving with Stage4 Cancer

http://youtu.be/9GjNqcBgdwI With newer and better cancer treatments, people with stage 4 cancer (metastatic cancer)are now living longer, and better. In fact, many of these patients embrace their cancer journeys with a pro-active attitude. In this video, oncologist Dr. Stephen Lemon describes wha [...]

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How to check your pulse and heart rate

http://youtu.be/BSlRvD-CZSo Exercise is an important part of cancer prevention. You need 150 minutes of moderate physical activity or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise each week to help lower your cancer risk. Your heart rate can help you determine if the exercise you’re doing is moderate or vigoro [...]

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How to check your pulse and heart rate

http://youtu.be/BSlRvD-CZSo Exercise is an important part of cancer prevention. You need 150 minutes of moderate physical activity or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise each week to help lower your cancer risk. Your heart rate can help you determine if the exercise you’re doing is moderate or vigoro [...]

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Last Radiation Day for Rudy

Thumbs up for Rudy Cologna, who had his last #radiation treatment today for squamous cell #skincancer! Celebrating with him are his wife and daughter, medical oncologist Dr. Stephen Lemon, radiation oncologist Dr. Jim Pelton and some of the radiation #oncology staff. Congrats to you, Rudy! And [...]

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James Kim Survivor

Caspar Babypants Here Comes the Sun

http://youtu.be/OMRIqyrJHJ4 Visit Caspar's Website https://www.babypantsmusic.com/ Visit Caspar's Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCucDn84WRkjXLOlAI_GxplQ
Ramesh Rengan, M D , Ph D

http://youtu.be/v2E2UylnACY John Richards of KEXP introduces Dr Ramesh Rengen.
MD Anderson Cancer Center Service Excellence Program

http://youtu.be/dpcHpbbvQp8 This Service Excellence video shows our MD Anderson Cancer Center patients, their caregivers and our colleagues and helps us to consider that we do not always know, and that is what each of us is dealing with. We show this empathy through the perspective of various eyes [...]

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Music Heals Event - Talking with Cancer Lifeline
Music Heals
Stretch Heal Grow

http://youtu.be/HGFyE71YPoc Please consider supporting Stretch Heal Grow: http://bit.ly/2s7kI8B Subscribe to Rethink Breast Cancer on YouTube! https://youtube.com/rethinkbreastcancer1 Sign up to the newsletter! http://bit.ly/joinrethink Visit Rethink Breast Cancer! http://rethinkbreastcancer.com [...]

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Rethinking Networking with Monday Girl

http://youtu.be/i8brO4aHNa4 We sat down with Rachel and Istiana, the co-founders of Monday Girl to discuss how to rethink networking and building your career contacts! More about Monday Girl: Website: https://www.mondaygirl.ca/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mondaygirlto/ Facebook: https://ww [...]

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Boobyball 2017: Facebook Live Broadcast

http://youtu.be/4WlAimkoJCQ We went LIVE from Boobyball: Get Physical on October 13, 2017. Tune in to get a taste of the hottest event of the year, all in support of Rethink Breast Cancer. Guests include: Nalie Agustin, The Sorry Girls, Michael McCrudden, and more! Subscribe to Rethink Breast Canc [...]

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Lavenders Blue - Rebecca Lemon

Harp Dittersdorf - Rebecca Lemon

Handel Theme & Variations - Rebecca Lemon

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery program helps gynecologic cancer patients recover faster: Part 1

http://youtu.be/cWWrkt8AlIw For many gynecologic cancer patients, recovery from surgery can be long and painful. But a new program called Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) is aiming to reduce the pain and recovery time from these procedures. In the first of this three-part video series, you'l [...]

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Enhanced Recovery After Surgery program helps gynecologic cancer patients recover faster: Part 3

http://youtu.be/Cik40AnECBc For many gynecologic cancer patients, recovery from surgery can be long and painful. But a new program called Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) is aiming to reduce the pain and recovery time from these procedures. This is the last of a three-part video series. In t [...]

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Enhanced Recovery After Surgery program helps gynecologic cancer patients recover faster: Part 2

http://youtu.be/_IgTtZeE1kk For many gynecologic cancer patients, recovery from surgery can be long and painful. But a new program called Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) is aiming to reduce the pain and recovery time from these procedures. This is the second of a three-part video series. In [...]

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Breast cancer survivors shine at Breast Reconstruction Awareness Symposium fashion show

http://youtu.be/VHlq26-RjPE http://bit.ly/2DIFGyY. The 2017 MD Anderson Cancer Center Breast Reconstruction Awareness (BRA) Symposium offered a mix of learning, fashion and fun. During the event, MD Anderson's physicians answered questions about breast reconstruction options following a mastectomy [...]

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