Celgene ChangeMakers Programme: A Patients’ Partners Initiative

The Celgene ChangeMakers mission is to recognise and amplify the voice of the patient representative organisations, based on the understanding that a strong patient voice is central to the delivery of good healthcare.

Through the ChangeMakers programme, in partnership with patient organisation representatives that have endorsed and therefore decided to cooperate on the programme, we have interrogated the evidence and identified the key areas where patient organisations demonstrate the most value. Consequently, the Celgene ChangeMakers Goals highlight where and how higher patient organisation visibility can help not only us but the entire pharmaceutical industry to provide truly useful and lasting support to the patient organisation community.

As the patient community has a culture of change and learning at its foundation, we will work to ensure that the four pillars of the ChangeMakers Goals – clinical trial design, participation, access to treatment and patient empowerment – are reached, identifying and communicating these successes in the proper way.

Through ChangeMakers, Celgene is rising to the challenge of enabling the greatest improvement in care for patients.