CancerIS many things to many people.  What does cancer mean to you?

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See what’s airing on CancerIS. Personal stories, cancer topics new research and more.
CancerIS is committed to making cancer information available for anyone in an easy to use format.
Dr. Stephen Lemon is on-site representing CancerIS at ASCO. See photos and videos.
How CancerIS came to be and what we hope to offer.



Social Media, Blogs and Events Tweet, Follow, Post, or Attend Events. Patients. Physicians. Survivors. Caretakers. Loved ones. Connect with others…

Stories and Expressions by Patients, Survivors, Caretakers, Friends or Family. Use video, audio, art, music, or photos to share your cancer experience…
Wellness Tips & Cancer Research. Watch informative medical videos, find recipes or nutrition tips, learn about what types of exercise work best…

Cancer Touches Many of Us. Patients, survivors, caretakers, friends or family. Cancer means many things to different people.